Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Day

Today was kind of *headspins*. I knocked out all my school work. Like, an entire WEEK'S WORTH of school work. Today. Wanna know how? It's this great strategy called Hole-Up-In-Your-Room-And-Don't-Look-At-The-Computer-All-Day XD

I do have a Latin test tomorrow, though, so if y'all wouldn't mind saying a little prayer for me tomorrow morning? Latin has gotten very difficult lately. We're getting to all the irregularities and things are quite hard to keep straight >.<

Other than school, today has been...well, I haven't done anything other than school! But yesterday was good. I got some things worked out that I've been over-analyzing for like two months. That relieved about 70% of my mental pressure, which enabled me to focus a lot more on school.

I am basically kinda ridiculous. Whenever I have a problem, I think about it 24/7 (dreams included) until I do something about it. Not until I DECIDE to do something, until I DO it. I'm quite obsessive. About everything. So yeah.


I do still have about 200 pages of "Robinson Crusoe" to go. Heh. I'm thinking 10-11:30 I'll read. I'm sure I can knock that out. Then tomorrow morning, I will squeeze in some more Latin. Doesn't that sound like a wise way of working? (Shut up :P)

Okay, well, I don't feel like saying anything more, lol XD Today was really good despite all the school. Yay :) Wow.



achieve1dream said...

Good luck!!

Pam Calvert said...

Saying prayers! Know you can do it!

MoonShaw said...

DON'T STRESS! I'm sure you'll do fine... :D

Izori said...

*shivers* Ooh, Latin. I'm just getting into the 'perfect verb tense'...I'll pray that you'll do good on the quiz.

prashant said...

all the best

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