Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beach Trip Recap

I'm back :)


I have a big imagination, but I cannot imagine having a better Sweet 16 celebration than this beach trip. That was AMAZING. I LOOOOOOOVE my girlfriends. We're all really nice, really fun, really real, and really not into drama. We all got along great the whole time, no cattiness, no backstabbing, just a really fun beach trip. It was perfect. Lemme just hit the high spots...

We drove down. That was fun. Long, but fun. We watched the Bourne Identity in the car, and ate dinner at McDonald's.

We got to the beach at around 9pm, but were locked out of the house! My dad had forgotten that my uncle had changed the locks, and we had to drive the realestate office and get the new key XD

We finally got into the house and dumped our stuff off. Then, we decided to walk on the beach a little. The house is great; you just walk out the back door, down the steps, and TA-DA, the beach :D It was totally dark, and kinda cold. We were all just standing around, but I got tired of that and ran for the water. I sprinted up this little hill at full speed.

All the sudden, no ground under me! I was freefalling! O.O *scream* Then I hit the sand. I was totally shocked and disoriented. Wha...?

I had fallen off a mini-cliff! Instead of sloping back down, the sand hill dropped off into a 5ft tall cliff!

Honestly, it was AWESOME. It was just like those scary dreams where you fall off a cliff: a burst of adrenaline, shock, fear, and you wonder what you're supposed to do about it...Then I hit the cushy sand XD

As weird as it sounds, I'd totally do it again. There's nothing like the sheer adrenaline of running off a cliff in the dark :D

Lots of pj-wearing, and my grandpa came! We girls walked all the way to the pier (only to find it was closed and "closely monitored with surveillance cameras" -_-), and Amanda and I walked all in the icy cold, knee-deep tide pools :D

Fajitas for dinner, then charades.

Just so you know, I HATE charades. If I could pick one game NEVER, EVER, EVER to play EVER, EVER, EVER it would be charades. I suck at it. Like, you would not BELIEVE how bad I suck. I mostly stand there looking like a deer-in-the-headlights while my teammates coach me through it >.<

After the TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO-GOOD, VERY BAD game of cha-shootme-rades, we watched "Pirates of the Caribbean". Well, we started to. We didn't finish it; we only got about halfway through it before we decided it wasn't worth keeping our eyes shut and went to our bedrooms XD

Of course, just because we girls were all in bed doesn't mean we went to SLEEP. We all stayed up and talked with our roommates for quite a while methinks XD

We were all tired. I was tired. But it was fun. I kinda don't remember much about FriDAY, but FriNIGHT was the BEST.

Amanda and I weren't feeling very good (Kirsten blames the icy tide pools. Maybe she's right...), so we and Ellie and Kirsten went downstairs to veg.

We four talked for hours. HOURS. I love those girls. We had so much fun just talking and laughing and sharing secrets and talking about what makes good friends and on and on and ON.

We also--well, I say "we". Cavender's number got extracted, and Ellie and Kirsten decided to prank call him.

Me: "Nu."
Them: "Yep." *dials*
Me: "He's gonna know it's us."
Them: "No, he won't!"
Me: "Yes. He will. He's not an idiot."

They call anyway. He plays along, which kinda made Ellie's prank-calling day. I was kinda like >.< but he didn't mind, so it was 'kay :D

>more girly talk<

"Let's call him again."


So, we did. Amanda talked to him first (well, kind of all of us did. He was on speaker.), then the phone got passed around and ended up with me. Lots of laughs over all this XD

At about midnight, we hung up with Cavender and most of the girls went to their own rooms. We were all kinda squished in our little room. Have you ever tried fitting three girls in a twin bed? It is not easy.

I was sooooooo tired. I rolled over against the wall and went in and out of wakefulness. They tried to keep me awake, but without muck success until Ellie started texting weird things to Cavender. Then I was like -___- *wakes up*. Only she never sent them, so then I went back to sleep.

I don't remember a whole lot about the rest of the night XD

*sob* Cleaning and leaving day. It was the warmest, sunniest day of all. Go freaking figure. *sigh*

We cleaned the house really fast (everyone is awesome, btw) and were on the road by 11am. We stopped at Subway and Wendy's for lunch, watching the Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum in the car. I was SO TIRED. And wearing my trucker hat again :D Pictures possibly coming soon.

The ride home was short and filled with silence, Jason Bourne, and iPods. Then we dropped everyone off at their respective houses, and Ellie's sister came and got her from my house.

I felt pretty...peaceful after everyone was gone XD But I miss them.

I am so. freaking. tired. You wouldn't believe it. I was getting in bed TWO HOURS AGO when my dad told me that my skating hero Apolo Ohno was gonna skate tonight. I was like -______- but I got up and watched him...He just now finished all his races.

Bronze. Frick.

Okay, I'mma go pass out now. Sorry if this doesn't make a lot of sense. I'll polish it tomorrow :D



P.S. Friends are the best things ever.


achieve1dream said...

Sounds like you had a great time!! Happy birthday!

Milli said...

FUN! HAppy birthday! (I'm sorta horrible at charrades too)

Tunafish said...

Um... what to say other than 'hope you had a great time' =P well, hope you catch up on sleep because lack of sleep makes you feel horrible. =). Jesus loves you!

Einar said...

Wow that sounded fun! I love tide-pools, critters galore!

prashant said...

its great

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