Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Truth Revealed and Character Profile: Skye

Hello :) I didn't have school today. Yay :D

AND I wrote about 2000 words in that story I've been posting about, also yay :D

Okay, now to answer yesterday's Fact or Fiction Day question:

Question: Is marijuana addictive?

Answer: No. Fiction.

Only Tragedy101 and Milli got it right! Good job, you guys!

To answer the question further, it depends on how you define "addictive". Marijuana isn't addictive like nicotine, but it can become a habit. Just about anything can become that kind of "addictive". But technically, nope, marijuana isn't addictive.

However, it does pose tons of obvious health risks, so I would highly recommend you don't go out and start smoking it. Oh, yeah, and it's illegal XD

Now, because I'm really into this story right now, I'm going to ditch Memory Day (*gasp*) and do another character profile :)

1. Name: Elizabeth Skye Daniels (goes by Skye)
2. Age: 15 (almost)
3. Birthday: February 12th 1995
4. Family: Mom; Dad (divorced); little brother, Mark
5. Hair color: blonde/strawberry blonde
6. Hair length: medium-long
7. Hair style: thick and straight with short side bangs
8. Eye color: blue
9. Height: small, 5'1”
10. Body type: petite
11. Loves: languages
12. Hates: kill joys
13. Strength: very smart and cheerful
14. Weakness: innocence
15. Sucker for: foreign languages/accents
16. Irritated by: rudeness
17. Wants most: her parents to get back together

God-given power: Speaking in Tongues (Skye can speak, read, write, and understand any language naturally.)


Cavender James said...

What if I already smoke it...?

Kendrabelle Logan said...

Lols :P

Avalon said...

You are very pretty!

Tragedy101 said...

Wouldn't that God given power be "super"-naturally?

I just have to ask.

Andre said...

Marry me. Wait, what? No. I mean write me into your story and marry me to Skye.