Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day Five On This Alien Cloud of Joy

It's not like I don't feel the sad/crappy/annoying/suckish things that happen, it's just like they roll off because I have better reasons to be happy.

School is going fine. Nothing to report there.

Writing is nonexistent. But I'll get inspired sooner or later.

Family is a'ight, which is basically as good as it gets XD

Sickness is getting better. Now my throat just hurts, but I think it's from coughing. I got sick of being sick yesterday and decided I'd be done with it today. So far so good. I've scheduled myself to be 150% back to normal by Saturday at the latest, lol :D

Guess what happened Monday? ELLIE (bff :D) TURNED SWEET SIXTEEN!!!!!!! WooT! :D

Music: I'm swimming in glorious iTunes cash from my birthday :D And I want more music. But I'm being really picky and I can't find anything I want. I dunno. Any suggestions? In general, I have really eclectic taste in music. However, I don't do country, Disney stars trying to sound sexy, or praise-and-worship type stuff (like, I don't really enjoy Michael W. Smith, lol)., if you're dying to help me out, I need music XD

Other awesomeness: Cavender is coming to church on Sunday :) And then he's coming to my house, then to a friend's birthday party with me. Awesome.

That's all. kBai.



Anonymous said...

Jimmie Rodgers "The Singing Brakeman." Probably a no go.


But he's got a good yodel. It's very different than modern country, yeck. If it wasn't recorded on wax, it probably ain't no good.

You could just go with the theme music to Fraggle Rock.

You're likely delusional with your sickness. And you're, too, far away to slap me (always a good thing.)

Levi said...

Can't go wrong with switchfoot.

Try Regina Spektor, she's different but good.
Maybe check out Matisyahu. Again, he's a bit out there but worth your time.

prashant said...

You could just go with the theme music to Fraggle Rock.

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Tunafish said...

As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Blessthefall, The Chariot, The Devil Wears Prada, Here I Come Falling, Oh Sleeper, Showbread, and Underoath are really amazing hardcore Christian bands... well bands with all Christian band members and with Christian messages =P You might've heard of most of them already... most are pretty well known. Misty Edwards has a song called You Won't Relent... it's a worship song but really great. You should check it out =) I only have that one song though... don't know what any of their other stuff is like. I need to get some more too... sometime. Jesus loves you! =)