Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Earth Shakes

Today was :D

I hung out with Cavender all day at church, my house, then Ellie's house. Then my house a little bit more. We played Balderdash with just us and my dad, and watched a little bit of the movie "Major Payne", which is awesome.

My friend's party was pretty fun, too!

I also ditched my mood ring today.

*pauses while you scream, gasp, and recollect yourself*

Yeah, I got something better now :)

So, today was great. Really great.



Bethany said...

holy cow :) Ah luv you Kendra! :) :) :)
yay yayay ;D

Anonymous said...
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Tunafish said...

Yay! Great days are amazing =) Unfortunately my day is watered down by work. Jesus loves you! =)

Cavender James said...

Who won Balderdash? XD :P