Monday, February 15, 2010

Today Sucks. Yesterday Rocked.


*rips hair out*

Yeah, it's kinda been one of THOSE days -_-

My school work went/is going really terribly today. And it's basically my fault. It's just been one of those days where I can't get myself motivated, and I want to do/think about other things.

I don't LIKE being lazy. But it is so hard to change :-| So, overall today has sucked, and is still sucking. Really bad. And me sitting here typing this when I should be doing SO MANY OTHER THINGS isn't helping anything. But here I am :-|

So, yesterday was Valentine's Day, and I didn't blog. *sigh* Ah, well. I did that epic V-Day Eve post, so that counts for something, right? *shrug*

Valentine's Day was good. Actually, no, it was a heckuvalot better than "good". It was pretty much AWESOME :D

I got woken up at 7:30, which wasn't a great start, but there was a good reason: the Heart Trail. Every Valentine's Day, Lizzy and I wake up to a trail of paper hearts leading us to our Valentine's Day candy and presents! :D I'm never gonna be too old for that. I asked my mom if she'll come do it for my college dorm XD

I got CANDY and a cute Valentine's Day shirt. I wore the shirt to church

Church was good. It was the ten year anniversary, so we had a slide show with pictures of everyone in all the different buildings we've met in. Matt and Katie and Lizzy and I were so little and cute! Especially them, lol. No so much me XD I just looked like an annoying, little version of how I am now. Matt and Lizzy's hair used to be almost white-blonde, and Katie was just plain ADORABLE. Curls and lil' chubby cheeks XD Those three are the cutest kids in the whole world (with the possible exception of Kyle's little siblings).

After church we went over to Matt and Katie's house with a bunch of other people. Lunch was tacos. Everyone had trouble eating them, lol! We ended up kinda messy XD

After lunch, I felt awkward. I know it seems rude, but some of the girls...I just feel stupid around them >.< Like they're so much cooler than I am that everything I say comes out lame. So, I opted for antisocial and went upstairs to watch Matt and his two friends play Modern Warfare 2 :-| I feel sort of bad for "ditching" the girls, though :-/

The boys were fine with me hanging out with them. They're used to it. I think they actually like me, at least sometimes. I can't offer any game advice, but I'm sarcastic enough that I provide some comic relief XD

Matt has read all the Harry Potter books apparently O.O I'm still on four...I can't believe it. My little brother reads faster than me now?? Crazy times, people. I wouldn't mind so much if he'd keep his mouth shut, but he just HAS to spoil everything he can think of -_- I spent like five solid minutes with my hands over my ears doing the standard, "LALALALA...".

I think he started to actually get a little bored with MW2 after a while. He went and got the third book in the Percy Jackson series and started reading O.o How did I miss this facet of his personality?? I didn't even know he liked to read much less INSTEAD of video games! :O

I'd read the first book in the series, and part of the second one, but I'd never finished it. Matt gave me the second one and we started reading. We scared his friend with our lovely, wholesome interest >:D

After Friends A and B left, Matt and I just read in the movie room until Mr. Leon came up and said we were being antisocial. *sigh* So we had to go down and mingle, lol XD

Then there was youth group. It was a tad boring.

Then my family went out to dinner at JP Looney's. That was good. We called Matt and Katie to see if they wanted to eat with us, but they were tired from all the company, so we just got wings to bring home to them.

Don't you love friends that you can just walk in on and they don't think anything of it?

We got to Matt and Katie's house with the wings and Matt came to the door. He blinked,

"Y'all come late..."

Lols XD

We walked in and put the wings on the counter. Katie was studying for a Latin test and was really worried about it, so I sat down and helped her. Matt ate wings and read Percy Jackson. My mom and Mrs. Martha went to the bedroom and talked secrets apparently. Katie tried going in several times and got shooed out. Lol *shrug* The dads just sat talking and watched the Olympics.

Their house feels like a second home. I love them.

Then we came home, and I talked to Cavender :D :D :D :D :--Yeah, lotsa smilies, ANYWAY. Advance claiming FTW ;)

Then I kinda vegged out on the couch 'cause I was starting not to feel good :-| I watched the Olympics and texted someone...*cough* Cavender *cough* Then I watched Wizards of Waverly Place for a little while, hoping I would stop feeling sick to my stomach -_- I did.

Then...I went to bed :D And slept until 8:30 this morning.

So. Yesterday rocked. Today sucked/is sucking :D/-_-



achieve1dream said...

Sorry your day is sucking. I hope it got better. It sounds like you had a BUSY Valentine's day. Mine wad quiet. :)

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

that does stink


Jillian Sky said...

Wait, I'm confused. Is Matt your brother or not?

Raja-Man said...

yesterdays are usually better than todays....usually

Tunafish said...

For me it's easy, just go to school real early then do awholebunch of work that I don't want to do then do tons of stuff after school and home to do homework for awhile, sleep at 12 or later =P I'm wondering when the lack of sleep is gonna catch up... I've been doing this for awhile =P It helps allot to have friends who you can see halfway through the day before finishing it though. I'm detracted allot so I hear ya. Hope you find something to help you stay focused soon =) It's good that V-day was good for you though, mine was pretty bad. Church-good, very good, rest of the day... nothing much. Basketball in the rain, listening to music while playing solitaire =P oh, and I wrote a couple songs to my imaginary girlfriend =) Jesus loves you!

kanishk said...

It sounds like you had a BUSY Valentine's day. Mine wad quiet.

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