Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beach Pictures

More coming later.
Captions on the bottom!

The girls :) Left to right, up the back: Amanda, Ellie, Kirsten, me, Cassidy. And in the middle, Bri.
YMCA :D (I'm C, btw.)
Cassidy, me, Ellie, Bri, Amanda, Kirsten.
Amanda and me in the knee-deep tide pool :D
Happiness :D
Mrs. Martha pushed me off! :O XD

Charades: "How. In the HECK. Am I supposed to act that out???"

Charades fail XD

Climbing "Kendra's Cliff."

...I really don't know.
Always and forever, FOOTIE PAJAMAS.



KnightWing said...

Aaaaaaand now I feel extremely creepy for looking through a bunch of pictures of teenage girls I don't know.

Hooray for the internet.

Tragedy101 said...

Thanks, K-nig-it-Wing.

Now I feel really creepy, too, and all I was thinking was "There's no snow. I wish there was no snow, here. It looks like summer. Okay, maybe late spring..."

achieve1dream said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Nothing like a bunch of girlfriends and the beach!

Oh and whoever wrote in the sand has great handwriting! I can't even write nicely on a dry erase board LOL. :)

Tunafish said...

Well, now I just feel creepier =P Looks like it was allot of fun though =) Oh, I just did the big red button thing. Wow, that's funny =P wasted time though... oh well, can't get it back =) Jesus loves you!

Milli said...

The jumping one was neat. Looks you had a lot of fun:]

Kendrabelle Logan said...

KnightWing: XD Lols. I don't think you should. At least we weren't all in bathing suits XD

Tragedy101: Hah XD And yes, no snow was really, really nice. I'm sick of it.

Achieve1dream: We did! There is nothing better :)

It was my handwriting! Thank you! I usually have really terrible handwriting, but when I write "Cinderbelle", it usually comes out nice. *shrug* I dunno XD

Tunafish: Lols, you guys are too funny XD And yeah, that button is really funny. But it does take a while XD

Milli: Gracias!

prashant said...

There's no snow. I wish there was no snow, here. It looks like summer. Okay, maybe late spring..

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