Monday, February 8, 2010

Epic Post From Your Own Personal Epic Now-Sixteen-Year-Old Blogger :D

Table of Contents:
1. I am back.
2. Our power went out.
4. Thanks, God!
5. Thanks, friends!
6. Thanks, Y'ALL for being awesome about my hair!

I'm baaaaaaaaack! :)

Our power went out Friday at 4 o'clock. I was like :O

*clears her throat and revisits the land of good word choices and articulation*

Sorry. I had a replace-descriptive-words-with-smilies moment. Won't happen again.

I have so much to say! I don't even know where to begin. First, I'd like to say that I am now officially sixteen years old.

Sweet. Six. Teen.

*smiles hugely*

Instead of starting at the beginning of this weekend, I think I'll skip the parts where I couldn't take a shower and had to read by faux candle light (batteries FTW) and get straight to Sunday, February 7th. My birthday. My sixteenth birthday.

(Notice I'm saying that a lot. It's in an effort to brainwash myself into realizing the truth, that I am OLD :P)

I woke up at 7:10 because I was tired of trying to pretend I was asleep. You know how that is when you're really excited/nervous and you keep closing your eyes, hoping you'll just lose consciousness again? Well, I feel like I did that all night, at least when I wasn't violently dreaming.

For those of you who may not know, I get nervous about my birthdays. Very nervous. Birthdays only come ONE DAY A YEAR, and it's the one day that everyone is nice to you, and you get to do what you want. So you better enjoy it.

D: Pressure!

I always feel like I MUST ENJOY THE DAY and, being how I am, that usually ruins it for me. I'm getting better though. This year and last year I've gotten a hold of myself and actually had great birthdays (even though last year I had driver's ed on my birthday D:).

So anyway, after I drug myself out of bed, I went upstairs and ate half a bagel, after my family sang Happy Birthday do me :) Then I opened my presents:

Lizzy - season one of Monster Quest XD (How great is that?)
Momma and Daddy - this necklace that goes with a dress I have, a shirt, and twilight woods body cream from Bath & Boyd Works.
Gr'anne - gift card to Barnes & Noble.
(then later)
Cavender - "Witch and Wizard" book.

EDIT: OMG MOMMA AND DADDY JUST CAME DOWNSTAIRS WITH A PRESENT THAT JUST GOT HERE! I LOVE IT! You might think I'm crazy. I might be. But I'm still happy to have this:

The New Testament. IN. LATIN.

I was happy, but I also wished the power would come back on D: In all my life imagining my Sweet 16, I never envisioned it happening in the dark not able to flush a toilet XD

But anyway.

We normally get to church at 8:30 so the band can practice before church. However, since the building had no power, there would BE no band, and it would be really cold. So we decided not to head over until 9:45.

We got there like six seconds before Cavender. Possibly seven.

Church was good. Small (but still 45 people!), short, and quite cold. We ended with an a cappella Amazing Grace, which I was like -__- about. I don't like that song, and I REALLY hate singing a cappella. No music to cover my voice, so I end up singing really softly and sometimes not at all. *shrug* Oh well :D

After church, Daniel, David and Cavender all came back to our house and we ate hot dogs and white cheddar Cheez-its, which I love :D

After that, we went downstairs and played Balderdash. Have any of you heard of that game? Basically, someone draws a card with a strange word on it, and everyone has to make up their own definition for the word. The person holding the card writes down the real definition. Then, card-holder reads the real definition along with the fake submitted ones, and everyone has to vote for the definition they think is real. You get points for guessing correctly, points for fooling others, and if you're the card-holder and no one guesses the real definition, you get a point for that, too.

Personally, I think I should get points for being able to distinguish handwriting pretty well from the beginning without having to ask. Don't you agree? Three teenaged boys with similar handwriting...I rock. (Just kidding XD)

(On a side note, why do guys write so lightly? Or is it just Cavender and David and Daniel that do that?)

Anyway, back to the game of Balderdash that you guys don't care about but that I'm telling about anyway ;P

It was really fun. Most of the fun was in inside jokes ("A piece of land shaped like a tongue." "NO WAY. *glares* CAVENDER.") and just things that happened, so I won't go into them here. For the record, I will say that Cavender is very good at Balderdash.


After Balderdash we picked up all the tons of trash paper it had created (we = *cough* me and Daniel *cough*).

Then we played Life. That was fun too XD I was a doctor, which translates to BIGMONEY in that game. Unfortunately, I still didn't win -_- I rolled mostly numbers 2-5 and lagged behind considerably. I refused to buy car insurance (I never do, I'm usually really lucky), and ended up having everything that could go wrong with a poor car XD I also didn't have a single kid D:

LOL, maybe it sounds like I had a bad day, but I didn't. It was so much fun. So much fun.

Even though Cavender won Life too -_- :P XD

THEN, David and Daniel had to go home, and my family and Cavender headed over to another friend's house to watch the Super Bowl since we still didn't have power. That was really fun :) I love my friends.

After we ate dinner and halfway watched "Failure to Launch" (how did I miss the dearly departed fiance and her kid??), my mom called us for birthday cookie!! I don't like cake all that much (I mean, I like it, but I like cookies better), so my mom made a giant, homemade chocolate chip cookie! I told my dad I didn't want them to sing to me again. I hate that awkward moment when everyone is singing and you're just like, "Heh...*looks around awkwardly*...thanks..." So, my dad got everyone not to sing.

They hummed it instead -_-

Then they whistled it.

And then my dad--heh, never mind.

Anyway, after (well, really while) we ate our big cookie slices, we tried to decide on a movie to watch on Netflix. We finally chose one, but before we got very far into it, it was halftime and we had to take Cavender home :(

My friend also has a cat, and I'm allergic to cats, so I had taken some Benadryl to help with the sneezing/itchy throat/watery eyes/cruddy feeling. I stopped sneezing, but Benadryl makes me...well...

Some people get drowsy on Benadryl. I get, like, high XD

Well, I mean, drowsy, but so intensely so that I'm completely loopy and out of it and nothing hits my brain, and I say...everything >.<

Luckily we dropped Cavender off before it really, uberly kicked in XD

On the way home, Mrs. Martha (Matt and Katie's mom) called my poor, dying phone (and no power to charge it!). She and everyone who was with them sang "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to me :) :) :) :) That was really awesome.

And then it got better.

"Happy birthday," said Katie when they were done singing. "And you have power."



YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing end to an amazing day!

My Sweet 16 was NOT how I planned it, not how I'd always envisioned it, and WAY out of my control and comfort zone, but guess what? It was wonderful :) Just another time when God has shown me that HEY, going with the flow and having fun really WILL make for a great experience.

So, thanks, God. You've been by my side for sixteen years helping me out, and having the power go out didn't change that one bit :)

Thanks also to any of my awesome friends that are reading this. Whether I hung out with you, or you said Happy Birthday to my Facebook, thanks :D

AAAAAAAND thanks to everyone who was so supportive about my hair the other day :) After I washed it and straightened it myself, I think it looks better, less ten-year-old-ish :D

In a nutshell:

My weekend was interesting. (I might possibly expand on that later.)
My birthday was AWESOME.
My friends are the BEST.
My God is the bestEST.

Bring on my sixteenth year. Fourteen was the best, Fifteen was better, and now, I just cannot imagine.






Bekah said...


*grins* 'Stead of singing Happy Birthday, should I hum it?

hmmmmmmmmmm hmmmm hmmmmm hmmm-hmmm....
hmmmmmmmmmm hmmmm hmmmmm hmmm-hmmm....
hmmmmmmmmmm hmmmm hmmmmm hmmm-hmmm hmmm hmmmm hmmmmmmmmmm....
hmmmmmmmmmm hmmmm hmmmmm hmmm-hmmm!!


Izori said...

Happy birthday!! I would whistle 'Happy Birthday', but I have no clue how to write the sound of whistling. Oh well.

Cavender James said...

I'm the best. XD

At Balderdash.
And scaring her by almost lighting myself on fire.
And making her laugh.

Einar said...

*Plays Happy Birthday on Tin Whistle*
Good on'yer lass! red hair? :-(

Tunafish said...

Thanks =) and that's great! I don't really like birthdays cuse the whole day is awkward and I regret everything I do later... =P but doing stuff all the other 364 days of the year is great =P If I straightened my hair I'm not sure if it would look so great... I wanna see what it looks like though =D I'm glad you don't hate yours (as much) anymore =) Jesus loves you!

achieve1dream said...

Happy Birthday!!! Glad it turned out great!

Ellie B... said...

hey!!!! I miss you like CRAZYYY!!!! Call me when u get a chance glad ur b-day was awesome! Guess i was right...sigh...again ;) luv ya girl!

kanishk said...

I have no clue how to write the sound of whistling. Oh well.

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