Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Daughter of Venice", Among Other Things

Philosophy project: success!!

Debate: not so much success. Both teams were a bit disappointing, and no winner was announced. Oh well. Learning process!

My sister is accusing me of "stealing the love" of our...dog. Yes, our DOG. Lol! The dog is actually mine, but ever since my parents started letting me sleep later, my sister has been feeding the dog. This afternoon when we got home from class, I gave the dog some fresh water, and my sister flipped out, lol! I have to admit, though, that I am a little sad at the prospect of Licky transferring her affections and want to prevent that from happening.

I don't know why I'm using big words. I haven't even been reading any big-word books lately...

I'm actually reading this book called Daughter of Venice. I've read it before though. It's interesting. It's written in first person, present tense (As I sit outside, I dangle my feet in the water...). It takes place in Venice (hence the title, duh) but I'm not sure exactly when. A long time ago sort of. The girls almost never get to leave the house, so it can't be but so contemporary.

It's not one of my favorite books, but I'm liking it more than ever this time around.

It's about a girl of a wealthy family. Now, in Venice, only one son and one (maybe two) daughters get married off. I don't remember what the other boys do, but the other girls are sent to convents for the rest of their lives (yikes!). The main character, Donata, is the second oldest. Sort of. She has a twin sister, Laura. So, there's a secret possibility that both of them could be married off, since they're both sort of the second daughters. Make sense? Well, Laura is the perfect daughter and future daughter-in-law, while Donata (main character) is more of your typical outcast-girl. So, Donata is fairly certain she will end up in a convent. Because she almost never gets to see the outside world, and once she gets put in a convent, she never will, she disguises herself as a boy and ventures out into Venice. She isn't nearly as ready as she thinks to face the outside world, but she learns a lot and meets some interesting people. She also gains the courage to eventually make a descision that changes her life and her family's life forever.

Haha, yeah...anyway, I have to go now because we're going to take a "family picture" outside the house and send it to my great uncle, who hasn't seen our house yet. So, talk to ya later!

P.S. Oh, I got given "grace" on the paper that I forgot to write and now I have to turn it in tomorrow. Yay! Oh, and that research paper that I've been working on is due a week from today and I don't feel very good about it... I know what I gotta do...

Carpe diem! :)


Katrien Scarlet said...

I meant to read and comment this one earlier as well, but I was in school and I figured I should look at the most recent post first.
Congratts with the Philosophy Project!
Sorry about the debate.

I have heard about family fueds and arguments start over non-living things. At least it was over the dog which is an important living thing and part of your family... You could have been having a bigger argument over something that wasn't really important.
That book sounds interesting, I don't read many books that are in first person present tense...

And while I'm here, I want to thank you ^-^
And the downfall of my quiet listening-ness... I'm often not noticed. People forget I'm here (in the real world...)

Anyways, if you were less talkative, I'm sure you wouldn't be you. I don't know about your actually talking, but I love reading these long blog entries of yours ^-^

Kendra Logan said...

Oh, it's fine! I love getting comments no matter when I get them! :)

Thanks about the philosophy project! Hopefully debate will go better next time.

About the dog dilema, that's true. We could be fighting over worse things. The problem seems to be fading, actually. My sister hasn't said anything about it today.

The book is much better than I remembered! I love it! The girl has four older brothers, which is enough to make me love it period :) Not having an older brother is sort of the bane of my existence! I've always wanted one so much.

Aw! I bet people do notice you. The people that really count especially. I have some very quiet friends and they tend to be the most loyal. (Ellie B. if you're reading this, don't be offended. I said they TEND to be. You're still the ultimate loyal friend :D) Listeners really are sometimes the best friends.

*eyes bug* You LIKE my long posts? Wow, thanks!! I actually like reading long posts, too, but not many people post long things so I figured they must bore people. I just always have so much to say it's impossible to keep my posts very short! :)

Thanks for reading! I love reading your posts and comments!! :)