Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Forest

I googled "beautiful," looking for a cool picture to post since I don't have anything real to say. I found this. I don't know why, but for some reason this picture is breathtaking to me. I really don't know why, but I think it's just really beautiful. There's something mysterious, mystical and almost dangerous about it. It's happy-looking, and yet if I were walking down the path, I think I'd feel sort of nervous; like someone was going to jump out at me at any second. I don't know. It's just a really intriguing picture to me.
You can kind of tell a lot from the picture, too, when you think about it. (I tend to overanalyze things just a bit :D) For one thing, we know it's summer because of all the leaves on the trees (and they don't look like evergreen trees). And we know that it hasn't rained extremely recently because there aren't any ruts in the road, and the road is dry even though it's shaded. And we know that the road is traveled most likely by cars because of the tracks and condition of the road. But we also know that it isn't in a drought because the grass and trees are flourishing, and the road isn't bone-dry, it's just not wet. Although, the quality of the light does make it seem like it might be a bit overcast. It's hard to tell with all the trees, though. It could just be that the light is so filtered that it only appears thin. Someone with more knowledge of plants and stuff could tell you what type of trees there are in the forest.
Okay. Sorry. That was really weird and random of me to do that. *shakes head* Anyway...
This little clip of the picture somehow doesn't do it justic. It was so big I had to crop it to get it to fit. Here's the link to the full picture:


Anonymous said...

I'm not that intrigued about the picture, but I do find it beautiful. I love forests ^^ I don't know why, but I do. and I love this picture

XD pretty well analyzed

Kendra Logan said...

Forests are definitely cool. We have a bunch of woods at this new house, and I love it! I was going to go "exploring" today, but it rained :(

Haha, thanks! I was in a straaaaange mood... :)

Anonymous said...

cool! I have a couple of trees outside of the building -.-
I wish I lived in a house in a mountain or something like that, surrounded by forest. and a stream. and more... stuff. <=)

Kendra Logan said...

That would be awesome! Our neighborhood has a little creek, but half the time it's dried up anyway, lol! There is a lake nearby, though.

The mountains are awesome. We usually go to the beach on vacation though. Still, I love the mountains. Everything's so green and pretty.