Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Packrat Slacker

Hi! Not a lot of school today! The big thing is debate. I need to get goin'. I've been a little (*cough* a lot *cough*) lazy lately. And it's not fair to my partner. So, I'm going to buckle down and read the whole stinkin' Constitution today and come up with reasons for why the US should call a Constitutional Convention. :D Whoopee. No, really, the topic is kind of interesting. It's just the debate part is a little (a lot) overwhelming (is that one word?) the way we have to put it together.

Hmm, wrote some Creepy yesterday. Not a lot, not so great, but I wrote something. Today (AFTER debate) I'm gonna try some more.

That is, if I'm not packing. My mom told me that this afternoon I have to start packing up my room. *sigh* That's gonna be a heck of a job. I went through a bunch of little kid books last night and this morning to see if I wanted to keep any of them. Aww! They bring back such memories! Lol, the Barbie books are so funny. I can remember loving them as a little kid.

As for going through all my other stuff, ughh. Not looking forward to it. I have so much crap (did I just say that?) in my room. A lot of it has "sentimental value." Hah. I'm such a packrat. EVERYTHING has sentimental value almost. I would keep everything if my mom wasn't like NO. *sigh* Oh well. It's gotta be done. Wish me luck!

Off to do debate, a little math, and then...PACKING! AHHHHH! :) TTYL!


Gabrielle said...

Agh, so....sleepy......

Good for ya'!

Don't worry I have been TOTALLY lazy lately. (Okay, when am I not?)

Gabrielle said...

Oh and by the way, you know me, I am a total pack rat. Well, my mom went through my room and threw away half of my stuff BUT I still have a lot of crap!