Friday, March 13, 2009

Ehh, not much, but all good!

I have had a very wonderful and...interesting day.

I got a ton of school work done. Still grappling with my philosophy project, but my science research paper is going well and so is MATH! WOW! Creepy is going okay, and my dog is getting used to the invisible fence just fine.

I feel kind of sick right now, but I'll be okay in a little while probably, lol! Will probably post something of more significance later, but who knows?

Oh, and check this out:

w00t w00t!


Kʀɛѵɑɳ said...

I'm glad things are cool now. yokatta ^_^ (if you don't know what it means search japanese dictionaries =P)
consider my comment in carpe noctem ;)

Kendra Logan said...

Okay lol! I'll look it up and then go check Carpe Noctem, lol!