Sunday, March 22, 2009


Got "Twilight" the movie yesterday, watched it today.


Can't wait for the "New Moon" moive (November 20th, this year. Never too early to get psyched up about it :D :D)

Don't have much time, so I'll do a quick run-though of my life:

Debate is going well.
Creepy is NOT. I'm at a standstill and I don't know why.
I "just" found out I have another 3 to 5 minute speech due in about four weeks.
I need another hair cut. I feel like my hair is too long. AGAIN.
Math is okay...haven't really done much of it this week :D
Science, I'm trying not to think about.
I am really P.O.-ed at my computer right now.
No one is reading Carpe Noctem. Which is sad.
Hardly anyone is reading THIS blog anymore, also sad.
I think I have an eating problem (will expand on this in a second).
I'm afraid one of my friends might be anorexic (will NOT expand on this).
I was feeling really good inside until I started explaining my life point by point.

Okay, eating problem expansion! Every time I eat much, I feel really sick and my stomach gets all crampy. Maybe I have chrome's disease (or however you spell it). I'm significantly freaked out, but it could just be me.

*sniff sniff* I'm hungry :(

Bye! :D

P.S. I have mood swings a lot...


LazyKing said...

lol, good movie but the books are better

Kendra Logan said...


K૨ɛ√ɑɳ said...

I hope you don't die before finishing the mirror... tolkien shouldn't have died before having finished whatever book he didn't finish. but then again, you're not an old guy (women have longer average lifespans, don't they?)

K૨ɛ√ɑɳ said...

btw, I still read both blogs... just not on weekends. and surely more people do

Kendra Logan said...

Lol, true about lifespans...I probably won't die. Unless I get hit by a truck or something, lol!

And thanks for reading, haha! I was feeling down last night when I wrote the thing about people not reading. Most people still do...I think. :) Thanks :)

K૨ɛ√ɑɳ said...

I hope you don't get hit by a truck or something, then ^_^

Eitan said...

have you read the twilight books? if not, i think it's funny that you'd rather wait for the movie than read the second book. you've probably read it.

i'm a good debater, but i hate public speaking. props to you for having the balls (forgive my language) to do debate/speech. i guess it's required.

"No one is reading Carpe Noctem. Which is sad. Hardly anyone is reading THIS blog anymore, also sad."

my advice is to stick to one blog. having so many is confusing!

hope you're not sick with any diseases :(. i suggest eating small, healthy portions.

i didn't spoil animal farm much in that review. i understand not reading it though.


Kendra Logan said...

Krevan: Lol, me, too! I'll try not to wander across any highways without looking both ways, hehe :)

Eitan: Wow, lots of good advice!!

I have totally read all the "Twilight" books, lol! I'm a big fan, at least I was until EVERYONE went crazy over it. That really turned me off for a while, but I figure I shouldn't let the irritating "fanpires" stop me from loving some of my favorite books :)

Lol about debate! Yeah, it's required, but I would do it anyway. I LOVE to debate. We did a really challenging Mock Trial course in eighth grade (last year) and ever since I've wanted to be a lawyer.

Good advice about sticking to one blog. I don't know, though. I loved the name Carpe Noctem, so I really wanted to use it. I'm posting all my "rants" there. It's only updated weekly though. But still, you're right; I should expect everyone to go for both blogs necessarily.

I hope I don't have a disease, too! Breakfast and lunch were okay today, though, so I think it must have just been a phase or something. Healthy portions are always best!

I might go back and read your "Animal Farm" review, then. I just didn't want to read it and then realize that I had just spoiled it for myself, haha!

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Vayda ;) said...

EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK me toooooo! I got it on the 23!!! YAYAYYAYAY!!! I think the books are sooo much better but the movie IS good!

Tanks fer da commint.


Kendra Logan said...

YAY! Lol! And no problem :)