Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My List of the Evening

To be honest, I had a terrible evening. I think... I'm going to list good stuff and bad stuff and try to make myself be positive by forcing myself to come up with at least one more good thing than bad. Here it goes:

1. We had to go shoe shopping. (BAD)
2. I was in a bad mood. So was my mom. (BAD)
3. I found a PERFECT pair of shoes that I LOVED, and that made my giant feet look good! (GOOD)
4. They didn't have my size in stock. (SUPER SUPER BAD)
5. The shoe department guy offered to call other stores in our area to see if they had my size (GOOD)
6. They didn't. (BAD)
7. My mom and I had a small fight and she walked out of the store. (BAD)
8. She kindly (sort of) offered to take me to other shoe stores. (GOOD)
9. I saw nothing I liked at the first three. (BAD)
10. I saw some I liked at store four. (GOOD)
11. They didn't actually have the shoe, it was just on display (WHAT?!). (BAD)
12. I never found shoes to wear to this thing I have to have shoes for on Friday night. (BAD)
13. My mom and I went to Wal-Mart very mad. (BAD)
14. We saw these really awesome friendly people that we know there who cheered me up a little. (GOOD!)
15. We found everything we wanted at Wal-Mart. (GOOD)
16. The cashier lady was sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooower than Christmas. (BAD)
17. The stupid deoderant thingie didn't have a barcode on it so the mean cashier lady wouldn't let us buy it even though we were also buying a practically identical one (GRRRR). (BAD)
18. We went to Starbucks.
19. The lady who helped us was sooooooo nice and sympathetic about our crappy evening. (GOOD)
20. My double chocolate chip frappichino was very good. (GOOD)
21. My mom and became friends again over coffee ;) (GOOD)
22. I read some of the book I brought with me. (GOOD)
23. We were late picking up my sister from dance class. (BAD, not too bad though)
24. I wanted a Rice Krispie treat, and my mom forgot that she said I could walk over to the store next door and get it, so she was mildly upset. (A little bit BAD)
25. She drove me to the store (like forty feet away from the dance place, lol). (GOOD)
26. The guy who checked out my stuff was verrrrrrrrrrrry nice.
27. I decided to be generous (haha) and buy my mom and sister a treat, too. (GOOD)
28. They were happy with me. (GOOD)
29. We listened to my iPod on the way home. (GOOD)
30. My dog was happy to see me when we got home :) (GOOD)

Okay, wow. That really helped. I came up with 12 bad things, and 15 good things (only that's imposisble because I have 30 things....oh well. Dont' feel like recounting :) ). And I don't feel so upset and sad now! Man, I should try this more often! ;) Carpe diem!


charlotte said...

double chocolate chip fraps are yummy :D

Kendra Logan said...

Definitely :)

Katrien Scarlet said...

That sounds a lot like how a typical evening would play out for me... Except for the fact that my evening never has that much to fill it xD

And this miscount occured because you forgot to list if some were good or bad, Like going to Starbucks.

Kendra Logan said...

Ahh, that explains it! Lol! And usually not that much happens. It was a special case, lol!