Wednesday, March 11, 2009

*stares at screen...raises an eyebrow...and types this*

Sorry for that really depressing, complaining post last night. I just felt really bad. I'm a little better today.

Oh, but more bad news :( You know how I wanted to have my party on FEBRUARY 13th since that was a Friday the 13th? And then we didn't move so I couldn't? But then we moved and there was a MARCH Friday the 13th? So I was gonna do it then? (Sorry. Like, everything's a question...) Well, now I'm not having it this Friday the 13th either. Because some people couldn't/can't come. :( It sucks, right? *sigh*

School starts back up today. Hmmm. Ugh. Debate (gahhhh!), physical science (*sob*), literature (yay!), Latin (*MOAN*), philosophy (give me that philosophy book!!), math (help me), american government (so...?). AHHHH! I hate this. Summer can't come fast enough. Debate is killing me. And not only me, my partner as well!! It's not fair of me. I MUST DO BETTER RESEARCH. Math...ehh. I'll get it eventually. You know. Before I die anyway. Physical science is kind of like the nightmare that never ends. Latin is about the same as physci.

I know, I know. Shut up, stop complaining, close the blogging window, AND GET THE HECK TO WORK. Okay. I will.


And maybe this is cheesy, and I don't know what your thoughts are about God or anything, but pray for me to do my work well today. I always go into it thinking I'm gonna do amazing today, but I always...don't. Or rarely do. I know I can do really well! I just don't. So, pray for me, y'all!


Anonymous said...

>_< when I start thinking about school like that I get depressed. I just try not to think about tomorrow (I can't stop thinking about tuesday though XD it's the metal concert's day)
I'm an atheist. I won't pray, but I'll cross my fingers fingers ;)

Kendra Logan said...

Yeah, school is definitely depressing. Okay, crossed fingers is fine. Thanks! :D

Ellie B... said...

i'm a christian so i will pray. I'm sorry about me I've been there done that....just hang in there summer'll be here before you know it! and then you'll miss school....

Kendra Logan said...

YEAH RIGHT! I mean, suuuuuure! ;)