Monday, January 12, 2009


Okay, so, I promised to elaborate on my death by physical science. :) Well, basically I waited until the day of the test to figure out that I had no idea what I was doing. So, I freaked out and panicked and thought I was gonna flunk. But, but my dad helped me out, and everything is cool now. :) It's all good.

But I still reeeeeeally don't like physical science.

Or any science, actually. I'm really more of a literature, language and philosophy person. Oh, and logic. I just love logic. *sigh*

P ( Q
Ergo, ~Q

I love it. Call me crazy (and I know I am), but I do.

Okay. I know. I'll quit talking while I'm....well, not even ahead, but not so far behind...okay. Bye. I apparently had too much red kool-aid today. :D TTYL!


Anonymous said...

see? wasn't so bad...
I kinda like biology (the animal part). I also like arts (the drawing part and stuff like that)

Kendra Logan said...

:) Yeah, I thought I hated biology, but all the science project stuff I've done has been biology by my choice, so maybe I don't hate it as much as I thought. I still don't like sciences as a general thing though. Art is cool. I like it, and I like to draw, but I'm terrible with shading and stuff (and noses for that matter :))

Anonymous said...

yeah I'm not too good either ;) and can't draw noses unless in profile

Kendra Logan said...

Yeah; mine always end up looking like a pig's :) Lol!

Anonymous said...

XD there *are* people with pig-like noses ^_^

Kendra Logan said...

LOL! I guess there are! :)