Monday, January 26, 2009


Today started out as the worst day of my life, and ended up being awesome! School is all done! For real. No procrastination, everything really is done!! Isn't that a great feeling? I don't know why I'm such a procrastinator when it stresses me so much. I'm just kind of lazy, I guess.

Hmm, haven't really tried to write yet. Don't know what to write! Y'all help me. Which story should I put my effort into? Lol, this should be fun...

Story #1:
Name: Doesn't have one. Right now, it's called "The Creepy Story," even though it really isn't...
Level of promising-ness: High.
Pages so far: 62
Word count: 34,085
VERY basic plot: A girl finds out her best guy friend is half elf and gets swept up in a crazy adventure in which the girl and the guy get thrown into the "Elf World". Girl gets amnesia once in world and gets separated from boy.
Recent action in it: Not much. I've been sort of editing and avoiding writing more because I'm at a block.
Other: Don't know the long term plotline!! Not good! I don't know what to do next, and I'm not sure how happy I am with the whole amnesia's very irritating...

Story #2:
Name: Right now, "Cammie and Cousins"
Level of promising-ness: Semi-high
Pages so far: 48
Word count: 23,910
VERY basic plot: A girl named Cammie (who has three boy cousins, all older) finds out she is the Wielder of the legendary Dagger. The evil king wants her to use her power for evil with him, and she refuses...sort of. It's hard to explain.
Recent action in it: Uhhh, kind of about the same as with Creepy Story. Have been avoiding seriously writing it because I don't feel good about the plotline.
Other: Has lots of gaps and stuff. Lots of stuff that needs filling in. Again, long term plot is generic and shaky.

Story #3:
Name: "The Chronicles of Jeolotoe: A Spark of Strength"
Level of promising-ness: Iffy. Could be good if I put a lot of effort into it. Mostly I just stick with it because it's been a part of me for soooooooo long and I can't let it go.
Pages so far: Well, I'm in the middle of a brutal re-write, so only 10 so far lol!
Word count: 4,145
VERY basic plot: I do not feel like explaining it. Set on a planet called Jeolotoe. Six fire fairy girls who are entertainers for the evil Fire Lord try to overthrow him with the help of a reluctant super-awesome spy.
Recent action in it: Uhhhhhhh.....
Other: I LOVE THIS STORY!! I just can't give it up! The plot COULD be really good, but is it worth the effort??

Story #4:
BEGIN A NEW STORY! *gasp* Can I?? Do I have the creative juices? Do I have that kind of time on my hands??

Haha, sorry, that post was insanely long. Just tell me what you think. Thanks. I need to write, but can't and it's driving me CRAZY! Or maybe I should say crazier. :)


Anonymous said...

I'd go with COJ, because it looks good and it's a continuation of something already started (more than a book)

Kendra Logan said...

That's true. Cool! Thanks! I'll write it! :)

Anonymous said...

cool ^_^

Nicole said...

Sounds like you've got some good starts here. I'm not going to try to tell you what to write (whenever people do that to me, it triggers something perverse in my brain and I immediately want to do something else, even if I asked them for advice, LOL!), but I think I'm going to post later on my technique for dealing with iffy plots...consider the little article I'm going to try and put together dedicated to you. :)

Congrats on getting all your school done. I hate procrastinating, and I do it terribly and end up being stressed out, too, so I know how it feels. :)

Hope you find something to write that you want to put your heart into. Writer's block sucks!

Kyle Hendricks said...

Don't Procrastinate. As a fellow procrastinator, I know how it feels. >.<

About the plot lines, I never got too far into the Elf book, but I didn't know that she got amnesia! Send me the plain file instead of copying and pasting the text.

About the plot lines:
I know I talk about it a ton, but seriously: NaNoWriMo. The forums there are FULL to BURSTING with advice on Plot twists of all kinds, and I've had a few questions answered there that helped me immensely. (Spell check, Chrome?)

Kendra Logan said...

Thanks for all the advice, y'all! I'll read your blog, Nicole, and I'll look at NaNo, Kyle. I hope I can get back into the writing thing soon. I think I'm going crazy, lol!