Sunday, December 13, 2009

13 Christmas Legends

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The Open House was today! Lots of goodies and even more friends! Wow, I had a great day! We had an amazing guest band at church called "Ember". (Ironic and awesome, right, all you FF?) The band was made up of kids ages 15-college freshmen. Boy, were they on fire for God! When I see people like that, it gets me so excited! I wanna be like these people! The lead singer/lead guitarist used to play the drums for my church a few years ago; that's how we know them. Yeah, he's super talented. He plays the drums, guitar (acoustic and electric, obviously), piano, bass, and he sings! He might do more and I just don't know about it, haha! But anyway, that was a great start to a great day.

Next was the Open House. That was so much fun. We teens hung out downstairs until the little kids invaded our territory (lols), and then we were forced out into the freezing screened-in porch. We played LotR Risk! I had no idea how to play. This guy named Jes and Daniel tried to teach me and Brianna how to play. Well, apparently, the colored spaces are divided into even smaller spaces. I didn't know that. (It all seems painfully obvious now.) I didn't really get it, and Jes was giving me Matt Lessons (those I-Won't-Really-Tell-You-What-To-Do-Just-What-You're-Doing-Wrong lessons), and I kept putting my guys in his "territories". Of course this is before he told me about territories.

And then he had to explain how the archers are 1, the cavalry are 5, and the eagles are 10. Well, I started calling the numbers "points", just so I could call them something when explaining them to Brianna, but NOOOOOOO they're not "points", which is apparently very important to Jes and Daniel.

I was about to give up and call it a "boy's game", but I stuck it out and actually beasted up some territories, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I did especially well considering they kept picking on the territories where I had only one lonely little guy. LOLS, the whole thing was just really hilarious, but I think it's a "you had to be there" thing. Sorry for wasting your time, lol!

Then we played charades, with Katie ("little sister") telling us all what to be. I was a house, Rudolf, a window and a book among other things. Haha, someone was a bookshelf, and Katie took it upon herself to be snow. She stood on a chair and launched herself scrunched into a ball. *shakes head while smiling* Ya gotta love that will-be-eleven-in-36-hours girl :)

So then I texted this guy named Daniel (not the usual Daniel) for a while as my family and I ate "real" food and watched Cosby.

The day was awesome. Playing Risk is like the best thing ever. It was really, really, really funny, but a definite "had to be there" thing unfortunately.

Okay, now for what you've really be waiting for: the Christmas Countdown!


Hmm, what should I do thirteen of?

Well, thirteen is supposed to be a "creepy" number, so why not something sort of mysterious? Thirteen Christmas Legends anyone? (The four with the * are the ones I suggest checking out!)

1. The Story of Black Peter

2. The Snow Maiden and Grandfather Frost

3. *Legends of Nature at the Nativity

4. The Christmas Spider

5. *The True Story of Santa Claus

6. The Magi

7. Twas the Night Before Christmas

8. The Legend of the Boar

9. The Legend of the Evergreen Trees

10. *The Legend of Mistletoe

11. The Legend of the Nutcracker

12. *The Legend of Christmas Stockings

13. The Legend of the Candy Cane



Izori said...

Oooh, I'm the QUEEN of Risk! Although I've never played LotR Risk before.

Kyle Hendricks said...

I have LoTR Risk at my house... except that the archers are 1, the horses are 3 and the eagles are 5... What kind of messed up version were you playing!?

Melian said...

Ooh! I love Risk!!!! I've never palyed LotR Risk though. Sounds fun! :D

And here is the corrected link for custom font tutorial from


Chris said...

I used to have LOTR Risk. That thing was confusing! Totally frustrating, because my brother and dad both knew how to play it. Nice Christmas legends. I liked the ones you starred.

Cavender James said...

I love Risk... So does my whole boy scout troop... Apparently, we have four Risk tournaments lined up for Christmas break... Awesome.

Woot! for legends... Even though I haven't read them yet...

So yeah :D