Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Eleven of Kendra's Kristmas Memories

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So, tonight I'm going to a birthday celebration. Katie ("little sister") is going to be ELEVEN years old! :O And to think I knew her when she ate Cheerios while sitting on Mrs. Martha's lap during church...*sniff sniff* LOL :)

I watched another Alias episode today. No Mr. Sark. *sob* But it's getting even more interesting. It used to be that I liked the show, but it wasn't like this constant thing on my mind or anything. Now it feels like either I'm watching Alias, or I'm thinking about watching Alias! I really, really recommend it. Really. It is awesome.

Alrighty, time for the Christmas Countdown! Eleven...eleven...eleven...

Eleven of Kendra's Kristmas Memories:

1. When I was two, I got a dollhouse for Christmas from my grandparents! It. Was. Awesome. Three floors of awesome with a little family and some furniture! I loved that dollhouse and collected more people and stuff for years and years. I played with it pretty much all day from ages 2-9 (except when in school). Then I played it regularly from ages 10-13. Most of my stories started out as "dollhouse shows". The main games I played were orphans, slaves, poor people, weird cultures, and runaways :) Oh, yes, and brothers. Always lots of brothers. Always an older, usually a younger, but always brothers.

2. When I was very little, I don't even know how old, we had a rule: after the tree was decorated, no one is allowed to touch the tree or the ornaments. One day my grandpa, "Papa", was carrying me around, and he reached out and touched an ornament. I gasped in horror and cried, "PAPA! Did you touch it???" It was apparently really funny :)

3. I have lots of memories of cooking for the Open House.

4. Two years ago, I was begging for a phone for Christmas. Not a cellphone, just a phone for my room. So I could talk on the phone without having to take the one from downstairs. I really wanted a phone. I wrote out organized lists of why I should get one and gave them to my parents periodically. I organized speeches and discussions and debates on why I should get a phone for my room. Well, guess what? I GOT THE PHONE! It was white and metallicy green. I actually cried a little :') It was a great phone, but recently it's stopped working. *sigh*

5. I have lots of Open House memories. Last year, this guy at my church named Daniel provoked me into debating home-school vs. public school. Ugh, not pretty. Something about him brings out the absolute worst in me.

6. Four years ago when I was eleven and Lizzy was nine, my mom made chocolate chip cookie dough truffles for the Open House for the first time. Lizzy loved them. A lot. Too much. She ate thirteen of them. It was not a happy night, let me tell you that ;)

7. At my old church, there was this thing called...wait, what is it called...? Journey to Bethlehem. Anyway, people from church dressed up as the many different "characters" in the Christmas story and then everyone walked around and visited the different "stations". I don't remember if I liked it or not, though, LOL!

8. Last year, was an interesting Christmas. I got a cellphone, which was such an absolute shock that I started crying. Yeah, I actually cried. It was so utterly unexpected. I hadn't even been asking for a cellphone! I also got a straightener, an iPod, and a ton of other little things. It was basically the ideal Christmas, but, guess what? I actually wasn't happy. Last year should have been an amazing Christmas, but it wasn't for some reason. Stuff really doesn't make you happy, y'all. I know you've heard that a million times, but it's true. I don't expect you to believe me, I never believed it REALLY. It's just one of those live and learn things. But be prepared, because stuff just doesn't do it.

9. When I was about four, I got a hippity hop for Christmas! Do y'all know what those are? It's like this big rubber ball with a handle that you sit on and bounce. Here, picture. Well, I have this grandma. She's kind of no-nonsense; I actually don't think she likes me all that much. Well, guess what she did? She got on the hippity hop! She took one bounce, and...fell right into the Christmas tree! LOL! To a four year old, it was pretty hilarious :)

10. When I was maybe twelve, I had a Christmas party. We played all sorts of games, one of which was seeing how many words you could make with "Merry Christmas". I lost, and I was mad, LOL! I'm supposed to be this awesome word person, so whenever I get showed up, it turns me into a Grinch ;) I've gotten better at hiding it, though. Still learning good sportsmanship, haha!

11. We have this manger. I think I've mentioned this before, but just in case you missed it, I'll just explain it a little. My dad made this manger, and every year at Christmas time, we put it out and put hay in it. It's our reminder that Jesus is coming. On Christmas Day, Jesus is in the manger! We bought this baby doll when I was really little; I don't remember not having it. I think he's beautiful. Maybe I'll post a picture sometime. But anyway, when I was maybe three, I got this baby girl doll for Christmas and named her Maria. I was wide-eyed and so thrilled with her that I ran to Baby Jesus and showed her to him :)

So there are Eleven of Kendra's Kristmas Memories that you could have lived without :) Ah well.



Cavender James said...

Is number five MY Daniel?

I agree, Alias is/was pretty great. I watched, like, the first season sometime last year with a couple friends... Lol.

Hippity-Hop is = best name ever.

That's about it ;)

achieve1dream said...

I thought they were pretty interesting. :) The idea behind the post is creative. You should make a tag out of it. Just don't tag me lol. I could never think of eleven things! Yikes! Maybe one or two, but not eleven.

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

I noticed u were wrong yesterday when it was the 15th and obviously there were only 10 days till Christmas. I just didn't have time to tell you. I dunno, I mean u could back track, maybe u missed a day. As a matter of fact I think you did miss a day one day. You should look into that...If its worth it. Again..lol I dunno.

-Your Bestest blogging Buddy (haha at least ur mine)
Bleah Briann

Haha (I dunno) I'm in a weird mood today.