Saturday, December 5, 2009

Twenty-One Christmas Pet Peeves

How do you like the new background? :) Thanks, ***Emily***! Should I leave the snowmen, or switch to the one without them?

Now, with only twenty-one days until Christmas, how about some of my personal pet peeves about the "holiday" (grr) season?

1. When people complain that "Xmas" is taking Christ out of Christmas. It's merely an abbreviation, people, and it's actually very religious. It comes from the Greek letter chi (kye), which is the symbol for Christ.

2. When people cloud the joy of Christmas with the fact that Jesus dies. Yes, he dies, but we have EASTER to mourn that! Let's be happy about our savior at Christmas!

3. Candy canes

4. Complaining kids who didn't get all the stuff they wanted.

5. When little kids ask you if you believe in Santa. (Really, how do you answer that??)

6. Nativity dolls with weird faces

7. Colored, blinking lights on Christmas trees

8. Feeling sick after being warned not to eat too much

9. Neighbor's Christmas lights that are so bright that there's pseudo-daylight in you room at night

10. Mistletoe

11. Spray-on snow

12. Teenagers who are "too cool" for Christmas

13. That dropped-off-a-cliff feeling the day after Christmas

14. Getting that present you'd been hoping you wouldn't get

15. People who make snide remarks about your favorite old Christmas movies

16. Maurice Chevalier

17. Staying long periods of time at adult Christmas parties

18. The fact that there are no commercials for toys for outside anymore, only electronics

19. People who say "Happy Holidays!" just to be politically correct

20. Idiots on the highway when commuting to spend time with relatives

21. People who celebrate Christmas but shun the whole reason for the season

Haha, hoped you liked hearing all that complaining ;)



GracieTheFirst said...

3. Candy canes are amazing!!! How can they be a pet peeve? lol

5. Thats easy for me. I tell them the truth. "Yes I believe in santa." I'm a weird teenager. ;-)

BAD experiences right there

12. I knoowww!!!

19. So true!

Einar said...

Grrr....Scrooge that I am, I despise Santas in every shape and form.
When I was three, my grandpa dressed up as a Santa and crashed our Christmas party. I didn't know who he was, but he thought I did, so he kept trying to hug me...... Totally freaked me out.....I hate/fear Santas...

GracieTheFirst said...

Oh my gosh!
That is so hysterical!!!! (sorry, older brother. But thats funny)

Rochelle Blue said...

I don't celebrate Christmas, but I have similar pet peeves as you... especially #17, #4 and #5
hey, I might not celebrate it, but I have a ton of friends and family that do =P

Merry Twenty-Days-Until Christmas!

Louisiana Lagniappe said...

hey thanks for your comment! i had to learn how to cook when i got married i had no choice!!

I like your list of christmas pet peeves. I would have to say im not a big fan of spray on snow or the scary nativity scenes either!

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

@Gracie: I believe in Santa too. Does that make me weird?

GracieTheFirst said...

Well if it makes you weird it makes me weird! LOL!