Saturday, December 12, 2009

14 Open House Goodies

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Fourteen days until Christmas! Two weeks! Except Christmas is on a Friday, so it seems like it should be thirteen days, but if you count it out, we're all set to hit 0 days on the 25. I know there's a reason for this, but I'm not a number brain so I'm basically just not going to try to figure that one out. Lol :)

Today was the [insert name of small town] Christmas Parade! My church always sets up a stage where our band plays and then a tent where we give out free hot drinks and goodies. It's always fun, I love [insert name of small town]. Everyone is so friendly and awesome. A bunch of us (Cassie Roads, GracieTheFirst, Lizzy, Katie ["little sister"], David and Daniel) walked to Dollar General. We ended up buying Wint o Green mints and dinner mints. We're crazy :)

It wasn't 18 degrees like I thought it was supposed to be. It actually wasn't that cold. I think it hung somewhere around the mid 30s maybe? Anyway, it wasn't too bad, and I walked away with my fair share of candy :)

Tonight my neighborhood is having a "progressive dinner". Some of you probably know what it is, but it's a 6 (I think) course dinner and for each course we go to someone else's house! The first stop is wine tasting; my family is bringing our own sparkling grape juice :) Just for the record, we don't see anything wrong with Christians drinking wine, we just don't, haha!

Tomorrow is my family's annual Open House. I may have mentioned it before. My mom and Lizzy make tons of Christmas goodies and people come eat them with us. It's supposed to be from 2-5, but there are always some people hanging around at like 8 *cough* Matt and Katie's family *cough* :)

So, now the part you've all really been waiting for, the Christmas Countdown! What will we do today...?

Fourteen Foods We Have At the Open House! (If you want a recipe, just ask :D)

1. Peppermint pretzels (pretzels dipped in white chocolate with crushed peppermints)

2. Cookie dough truffles (chocolate chip cookie dough balls dipped in chocolate)

3. Cheese wafers

4. Moravian sugar cookies (you've never had one until you've had my mom's!)

5. Pizza bites

6. Cinnamon-sugar pretzels

7. Veggies and dip

8. Double-chocolate-chip cookies

9. Hot apple cider

10. Red velvet cake (sometimes)

11. Ham-'n'-cheese puffs

12. Almond cluster candies

13. Lemon bars

14. Bacon roll-ups (bacon wrapped around a Club cracker with cinnamon)

Hope your mouth is watering :)



Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in number 2!!! :P

GracieTheFirst said...

The Parade was great!
I felt bad for Daniel though, having to sit in the back of the car and listen to us shriek and squeal and talk about shampoo! LOL!


achieve1dream said...

It's watering all right! I'm coming over to your house for dinner. :D

Cavender James said...

Ooooohhh. The Open house sounds nice...... Can *I* come?!?!?!?


Einar said...

I shall need your address, and a ride.....

[no name] said...

cool! I was mentioned in a blog entry :D

Except for the pizza and the cookies I would say a "what's all that?" anyway Im too lazy for a complete google search but the cinnanon sugar pretzels sounds yummy yummy