Sunday, December 6, 2009

Twenty Awesome Things About Today

Hey, thanks to Josh S. for following!

Twenty days until Christmas!

Twenty Awesome (well, mostly) Things About Today:

Matt: 13-year-old "little brother" I've known for...a decade.
Katie: 10 (will be 11 in...9 days)-year-old "little sister", I've known for a decade.
Hershey: Their English springer spaniel
Cassie Roads: 17 girl at my church and school :D]

1. My family and a couple of other families went over to Matt and Katie's house to have lunch and help decorate the tree, etc.

2. Katie said we were her cousins (we're not technically related, like, at all).

3. I got to help her and Matt with school work.

4. Matt, Cassie Roads and I watched UP, Robots AND The Incredibles.

5. My family wanted to do some Christmas shopping, but I told them I was staying at Matt and Katie's house. So they left me :D

6. I fell asleep on the couch upstairs with Matt and Cassie while watching The Incredibles.

7. I was jolted awake when Matt slapped my feet. He was like, "Oh. Sorry. I thought Hershey (the dog) drug something up..." -.-

8. Matt let me hold his Ugly Doll (which I think is ADORABLE).

9. I fell asleep again holding said Ugly Doll.

10. Matt woke me up AGAIN and then took the Ugly Doll away.

11. And then hurled it at my head.

12. I hurled it back.

13. (repeat twelve or thirteen times)

14. Matt's dad came in when were all talking about something that COULD have been really wrong, but it wasn't, but he came in at just the wrong time, so...

15. I got to eat pizza.

16. I drew the world's cutest stick-family on a napkin.

17. Matt kept taking/threatening to shred/hiding the napkin.

18. I accidentally LEFT the napkin :'(

19. Matt did an absolutely ***HILARIOUS*** impression of a Southern Gospel Preacher (I was dying on the floor laughing).

20. I had a big family from 12:30 until 9 tonight, and I am very happy but lonely now O.O,

So basically, awesome day that I hope I'll remember forever and ever :)


21: Matt singing "How Many Kings" until he got so sick of it he started moaning.

22. Matt shooting us with Nerf guns all day at random times.

23. Hershey chasing stuff behind the couch at lightning speed.

24. Mrs. Martha (M and K's mom) telling Matt to stop acting like a little brother to me and be gentlemen (insert actually LOL).


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Stick Family? Awwe, you have to scan it (or take a picture) and post them. You have to, have to, have to! LOL :)

KnightWing said...

That doll is the greatest thing in existence. I want one.

Limer said...

Thing is, its the only greatest doll in exsistance and you got dibs... darn!

Bethany said...

so glad you had a great day!! :) sounds like a lot of fun.

I've been feeling so grateful for my friends recently, thank you dear! :)



♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Yeah. I haven't figured out what yet. LOL I'll post when I do. :)

Josh S. said...

Thanks to me...I like being thanked, but what did I do?
I didn't tag you that or anything did I?

A very confused Josh

Kendra Logan said...

Bleah: Haha, will do! That is if I get it back...

KnightWing: Isn't it? I love that thing!

Limer: Haha :)

Bethany: Aw, thank *you*! You've been an awesome friend even though we've never met! *hugs*

Bleah: 'Ight :)

Josh: You followed the blog! Thank you! Getting new followers always makes me super happy :) Thanks, you rock!