Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I have three questions that maybe you more experienced bloggers can answer :)

1. How do I get music on my blog?
2. How do I make my blog three columns and will that change all my settings?
3. Which Christmas idea should I chose? (see previous post XD)


P.S. Don't worry about the new header, LOL, it's not staying, it's only temporary until Bethany finishes mine ;)


Jake M. said...

No idea how to do the last two, but to get music on your blog just go to www.playlist.com


Kendra Logan said...


:) I'm really excited, lol!


Einar said...


If you figure out hot to make it only autostart the first time someone visits your blog, let me know ok?

Kendra Logan said...

Einar: Haha, will do. I usually hate autostart music, but only if you can't find the source, you know? I hate scrambling to find the music player. But I figured if I put the thing in plain sight it'd be okay. Is it still annoying?


Einar said...

Hehe, I was just teasing, if it is easy to get to, it doesn't matter much, especially if you don't have a chatbox that requires a lot of refreshing.

I like your new profile picture by the way, did you draw it yourself?

***Emily*** said...

To get a 3 column I would go to Cutest blog on the block, they have instructions under blog secrets.

No the 3 column will not change you settings, but I think you have to have your blog as Minima template. Changing your template will change your settings though... but a background will look better with minima.


Logan said...

Hey, you have music now! The snowy background is great, too.

Kendra Logan said...

Emily: Ah, okay. Hmm...*sigh* I probably will want to change sometime, but maybe not for Christmas. Will a new background still work with...um, whatever it is that I have now? Lol!

Logan: Yep, thanks to Jake I figured it out! And the snow is really easy, just Google "how to make your blog snow" and it's easy from there :)

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Yay snow. I want some!
Music: playlist and mixpod. Although mixpod is prettier. 3 column, its in the site's code. If you can figure out how to edit it then you can find answers in the FAQ section of www.thecutestblogontheblock.com thats also a good place to get backgrounds, blinkies, and buttons if you're interested in that.

illunse said...

I found the 3 column minima template I use on my Fennas blog at minibox-template

When I've changed blogger templates, not all has transferred. Good thing I saved my old template so I could redo things!