Monday, December 21, 2009

Family of Four...And Three Other Families!

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I JUST WATCHED THE BEST ALIAS EPISODE EVER!!!! It had all my favorite stuff, and plenty of Mr. Sark! <3 <3 <3 *SCREAM*

Today was the annual playing of Christmas Dollhouse! Every year, Lizzy, my mom and I get out all our dollhouse stuff and play Christmas with them. We play with each other, have a Christmas Parade, and open presents on "Christmas Eve". Unfortunately, we usually get so into it that we drag it out for a long time. We haven't even gotten to Christmas Eve since I was nine years old!!! I wrapped up presents for my dollpeople when I was ten, but since we haven't gotten to Christmas Eve...we never get to open the presents.

Well, this year we did!! We opened the presents, and I was absolutely so thrilled and surprised. I had no idea what was in the tiny dollpresents, so when I opened them, it was like really getting a present. I opened my favorite doll skirt that I've been missing for five years, a jacket I forgot I had, a globe, a CD player, a ball, and a pillow! The Parade was also one of our best. My dad videoed it :) Needless to say, Christmas Dollhouse this year is continuing in the trend of the Best Christmas Ever.

Wanna see some pictures? I took them all with the exceptions of the ones of Lizzy's and my mom's houses.


Captions at the top, click to enlarge. And by the way, do you prefer the captions at the top, or the bottom? I'm starting to think I might like them at the bottom, but what about you guys? Which is easier to process?

Here's my dollhouse all set up for Christmas! I got it when I was two years old, and have loved it for a long time. The girls' side of the roomThe boys' side of the room and the bathroom...I had limited space, okay?? :)Tommy and Timmatheep (there is a serious story behind that name) playing the pianoThe parents' room. Note the laundry basket ;)Mom's in the kitchen! Baby Gloria is in the highchair. See the jacket draped across the chair; I thought that was a neat little touch :)
Dad and Cody watching TV. Yes, the Christmas tree is decorated with paperclips :)Christmas wreath!Lizzy's dollhouse setup. A newer model, seeing how she's two years younger than I amMomma doesn't have a dollhouse, so she always makes her with some of our furniture and blocks and odd things around the house. Her houses always end up looking the best anyway! Here's a look at her living room:The parkAn overview of the downstairs with the dollstuff out. It's not usually this messy; we've been wrapping presents.You were probably wondering what that line of stuff was. Or maybe you guessed. But anyway, it's the Parade floats! Here's another picture, with Rudolph in the lead, as always :)The kids who aren't on the floats ride on Rudolph :)Here's my family's float
Lizzy's family's floatMomma's float, with some other "neighborhood" children on itAnother angle, with Momma's legs in it, hahaThe Christmas Queen :)SpectatorsThe view from the backLizzy and I moving the Parade floats along their route :) Notice the random bald spot on my head...LOL! Weird. I don't think that's usually there...YAY!!! After five years of waiting, my family finally opened their presents! They're all holding them, except for Mom and Dad, who are wearing theirs :) I'd been looking for that awesome skirt for a long time, and I'd completely forgotten about that jacket.Everyone's in bed on "Christmas Eve night"! Wonder what Santa will bring them in the morning...?

Okay, now for Christmas Countdown. Since there are only FOUR DAYS until Christmas, and there are four people in my family, I'll tell each person's favorite part of Christmas!

The Logan Family's Christmas Favorites:

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Amber Logan - Coming home from the Christmas Eve service, and that feeling, and going to bed...The whole Christmas Ever cheer.

Daddy Logan - Having special time with family

Momma Logan - Decorating the house

Kendra Marielle Logan - The time leading up until Christmas. All the parties and traditions. But if I have to pick one favorite part...well, the traditions! I love them. The Cross Collection, the Open House, Christmas Dollhouse...they're what make Christmas "ours".


P.S. I have some more pictures of me, my friends, my dog, and the house in the snow. Would you guys be interested in seeing them?


Emily said...

Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog!
Sweet tradition.

***Emily*** said...

I have a lot of those doll house people! And the new version(the one Lizzy has) of the doll house... that is so cool that you still have yours too!

Merry Christmas!

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Oh my gosh! Thats the cutest thing ever! :)

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Awwwwe, thank you bunches. Its a major dido there I promise. You're posts make me smile. Sorry if I don't always tell you that. Can't wait learn some stuff about you! ;)

achieve1dream said...

I would definitely be interested in the snow and dog pictures. :)