Friday, December 11, 2009

50 Words and 15 Days

Thanks for following shelbyevelyn!

Gosh, I gained another follower and lost another. Have I gotten really boring lately? :( Oh well. I had 77 followers for about an hour, so yay ;)

I also noticed that some of the blogs I've been following have disappeared off my blog list. Very suspicious. If there was any doubt about my computer hating me, it has been removed. I shall spend another part of the afternoon searching for the blogs I'm supposed to be following. *sighgrumble*

Anyway, on to 50 Word Friday!

It might be funny.
It might be wise.
A comment about living,
Or someone’s demise.

It might be scary.
Or even something gross.
Maybe something personal
Or something quite morose.

My posts are typically long;
Your eyes soon float away.
So once a week for you,
There’s 50 WORD FRIDAY!

There are only fifteen days until Christmas, y'all! WOOT! So, 15 Words That Remind Me of Christmas!

1. Santa
2. Holly
3. Tinsel
4. Stockings
5. Treats
6. Chestnuts
7. Jingle
8. Manger
9. Bethlehem
10. Presents
11. Pageants
12. Joy
13. Nutcrackers
14. Red-'n'-green
15. Candy canes


I'm going to an ice skating party tonight!
I'm coming down with a cold *grumble*

EDIT: Ohhhhhhhhh! *revelation* The followers I'm losing are the same as the blogs my computer ditched! Yikes, I've got to go to my ex-followers blogs and explain what happened!


Kyle Hendricks said...

Colds are for the lose. D:
And losing followers is bad too. Get better!

achieve1dream said...

I added myself as a follower so now you have 77. :D

BTW, you guessed correctly on my blog about the phony egg. It was the one on the right. :)

Rachel B said...

for a moment, I was really confused when you said only 50 words.. then I had the realization! lol

love it!


[no name] said...

you should have added snow or winter but that's not the rule for all the globe, actually that reminds me a song by Reliant K I haven't heard since of my MP3 misteriously died... which reminds me to ask if I am the only one who cant "access" your playlist?

(yeah... those were my 50 words)

Anonymous said...

I love the new look! And I like the "joy" part in the list of things that remind you of Christmas... =)

Chris said...

Your blog setup reminds me of Christmas! I really like that Relient K song. :P

Kendra Logan said...

Kyle: Yeah :( I've been taking this "magical" stuff called Zicam, and today the cold is pretty much gone :O

achieve: Aw, thanks! How sweet! Oh, YES! Mwahaha, contests are my favorite >:D Lol :)

Rachel: Oh, yeah, haha, I had to make a couple of exceptions there :) Thanks!

No name: Yeah, but for some reason those words don't really remind me of Christmas, just winter.

Oh, hmm, trouble accessing my playlist? That's odd. I'll ask about that in my next post.

MoonShaw: Thank you! You have Bethany and ***Emily*** to thank for the look!

Chris: Haha, yay! Which Relient K song? The 12 Days of Christmas one? I love that one.