Wednesday, December 9, 2009

On the 17th Day of Christmas...

First: Thanks, Emma, for following! Hope you're enjoying the Christmas Countdown :)

Okay, so it's really just seventeen days till :) SEVENTEEN DAYS!!

I love counting down to Christmas, but in a way it's sad :( I almost don't WANT Christmas to come because I love everything about the season!

Alright, now for the Christmas Countdown, a Christmas tag with seventeen questions!

1. Do you believe Jesus is the reason for the season?
Of course!

2. What is your favorite Christmas beverage?
Hot chocolate with peppermint in it :)

3. Do you have any Christmas traditions?
Yes. Every year someone in my family makes a cross. Last year was my mom's turn and she made a cross out of all the different materials that went into the new house! This year is Lizzy's turn. Wonder what she'll do...?

4. What do you do on Christmas Eve?
We got to the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at my church and then we each get to open one present :)

5. What do you do on Christmas Day?
We wake up and find Baby Jesus in the manger! We have a real wooden manger and a doll that's been "Baby Jesus" for as long as I can remember. All leading up to Christmas we get to see the waiting manger...and then on Christmas Day, HE IS COME! :)

6. What is your favorite Christmas song?
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

7. Do you usually have a white Christmas?
No, sadly.

8. How long did you believe in Santa?
I never did. My mom sort of wanted me and Lizzy to, but my dad said he felt betrayed and lied to when he found out the truth and didn't want that to happen to us. Looking back, I probably would have felt the same way.

9. Who’s your favorite reindeer?
Well, it's a tie between Dancer and Blitzen. Why? I'm a Dancer myself, of course, but Blitzen's is German for "lightning"! Did you know that? And Donner (originally Donder) means "thunder"!

10. What’s the best thing about Christmas to you?
The feeling of love and cheer leading up to the special day.

11. When do you put up your Christmas tree?
Usually the first week in December

12. Do you hang mistletoe?
Nope ;)

13. Does Santa wrap the presents or just stick them under the tree?
Just stick 'em under the tree. The elves do the wrapping!

14. Do you prefer giving or receiving?
Well, both are special, obviously. I don't want to see stuck up and perfect, but I really love giving. I love that anticipation when someone you love is opening your gift!

15. What do you want most for Christmas out of everything in the world, material and nonmaterial?
An older brother, duh ;)

16. Do you go to lots of parties, parades, etc. during the Christmas season?
YES! We have an Open House every year where my mom makes tons of Christmas goodies and people come eat them with us :) My little town also always has a big parade. There are always plenty of festivities this time of year.

17. Describe Santa.
Oh boy! Well, Santa is not like other grown-ups. Santa never gets angry, though sometimes he's disappointed, and he manages to understand all children. He never tells them they should be more like someone else, he always appreciates them for who they are and where they are. He looks for the good in everything and everyone. He's a master of jokes, and his laugh is the most contagious you'll ever hear! His beard is fluffy and white, his belly round, his cheeks rosy and his laugh jolly. Always gentle and definitely wise, Santa is the essence of all things wonderful: laughter, kindness, generosity, wit, humor, fun, joy, wisdom and honor. Yay, Santa!

Now I tag...EVERYONE!! But be sure to tell me you're doing the tag so I can go read your answers!


Emily said...

Nice tag-did you make it?

Kyle Hendricks said...

I've been tagg-ed! O_O
Dang it... lol well now I actually have something to do!
(Yes I'm doing it)

Kendra Logan said...

Emily: Thanks! Sort of. Most of them came from a Christmas tag that's been going around, but some of the questions I made up :)

Kyle: Lol, get busy :)


GracieTheFirst said...

I'll do the tag! :D

Einar said...

I do tag, I got double-tagged by you AND Gracie. Does that mean I have to do it twice? ;)

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

You've Been Tagged By Bleah Briann!

Chris said...

Wow, your traditions are a lot like mine! The cross thing is a REALLY cool tradition, I wish my family did that one.

I, too, like giving more than receiving. For the same reason.

I didn't know that about the reindeer. Kinda cool, though!