Thursday, December 3, 2009

Twenty-Three Santas

Twenty-three days until Christmas, y'all!!! YAY!!

Today I'm doing the number thing, but I'm combining it with the Christmas spirit thing. (I'm so articulate today :P)

My family is big on collections, and maybe I'll go into that more later, but the important thing today is my Santa collection :) I've collected Santas for a while now, and I now have twenty-three! (If you count them, there will be twenty-two. That's because I have salt and pepper shaker Santas, and I only posted a picture of the pepper shaker, since they look just alike :D) Perfect for today.

This Santa was my mom's, I think, and so was the little snowman snowglobe :)
A little hanging Santa on our tastefully decorated mantel (my mom's handiwork)
Between pictures of Lizzy (left) and me (right) when we were little, is a Santa that was my mom's
My biggest group of Santas, on my dresser
Three little guys gathered around the Christmas tree I made in fourth grade...
Just hangin' around...
A little Santa my grandma let me have (left) and a Santa hoisting the toy bag...My personal favorite :) He's so round and adorable! If you lift him up by the little string, you can see his feet dangling together--he's a bell!The salt (or is it pepper?) shaker Santa!
Hope you liked the peek into my collection, and my room!



[no name] said...

cute the old (not so old of course) photos, and so many santas! haa haa
so... collectors? interesting...
what happened with the nerdy section of the post with the expllanation and bio of the 23 number?

Einar said...


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Awwww, thats so cute. LOL and so were un and ur sister...what...ten years ago? Maybe slightly less. Anywho, very cute. My pink Christmas tree is begging to be put up so I'll probably be posting about that next week...maybe. ;)

Limer said...

nice room