Friday, December 25, 2009

The Surprisingly Perfect Christmas

True family


No more Christmas Countdown; Christmas is now.

Wow. You know that feeling--that warm, glow-y feeling--when you can't think of anything that would make something better?

When you clean your room well, and it just feels perfect.
When you see a blanket of snow without any footprints.
When you hear a beautiful song.
When you taste the perfect batch of cookies.

When you have the best Christmas ever.

I hope y'all's Christmases were as good as mine. I got lots of good stuff--stuff that I'm happy about--but when I stop and think, I can honestly say that the best part of today has been the people.

I was really starting to worry that this Christmas was gonna be another personal flop. Last night I was freaking out again, over-analyzing and basically ruining Christmas for myself. Then, I remembered the original problem and mentally slapped myself: "Kendra. This was the entire point of your thoughts this Christmas. I mean, it wasn't even a month ago that you figured out your problem was trying too hard. And what do you call this??"

I decided right then and there that this year would be the best Christmas ever. And you know what?

I think it was.

I woke up, and found Baby Jesus lying in his manger on the table in the big room downstairs. Taking him up in my arms, Lizzy and I climbed the stairs with our parents, giddy with the idea that this is the day we've all been waiting for.

Through the hall, across the living room, to the hearth in front of the fire.
My "stocking" on the left, Lizzy's on the right.
I see an iHome!! Lizzy squeals at a new scooter--one actually big enough for someone over the age of six.
My eyes fall on a calender reading: "1,000 Places To Visit Before You Die", and I love it right away.
I take in a memory card for the digital camera I opened last night, and I see a tiny glass bunny waiting for me to smile at it.
There's lots of candy, too, and a puzzle that's a sphere.
A Santa for my collection, and the Lover of Learning statue-doll I've been wanting.
Out of the stocking I pull candy, Bath&Body Works stuff, and more.

Everything is wonderful, and we watch my parents open their "stockings", too.

A little later, my grandma shows up with her bags of pre-picked-out gifts for us. I unwrap all the clothes I picked out and loved. I still love them.

Soon Mr. Keith-from-church comes to enjoy Christmas morning with us.

Not long after, as I'm putting the finishing pieces into my Jacob Black sphere puzzle, our neighbors come over for Christmas brunch.

Minutes behind are Matt and Katie.

Breakfast is huge: grits, two dozen eggs, biscuits, bacon, ham and orange juice.

I will discontinue the picturesque, poetry-like talk for a while because I hate writing in present tense and just realized I'd been doing it. *dreamy feeling vanishes rudely*

So, Matt (little brother) drank, like, half a bottle of orange by himself ;) while he and Cody thought of all the different angles of cannibalism (inspired by Cavender's cannibal peeps theme. Ask him for more details XD).

Examples the Two Came Up With:

- feeding a pig bacon
- feeding a chicken eggs
- feeding cheese to cheese...thanks for pointing that out, Cody...LOL.
- feeding a cow milk. (To this I said, "Well, that's not really cannibalism seeing how calves DO drink milk." Cody replied, "Oh, but it's probably goat's milk." >incredulous silence on my part< Then I was like, "From the cow's udders?" Cody: "...ohh, yeah..."
- feeding your nose a booger (Thank you, MATT.)

After eating a lot of good food, we kids went downstairs and played Outburst Junior. That was pretty awesome :) Matt and Katie found their presents under the tree, but I wouldn't let them touch them. (Well, sort of. Matt touched them anyway. *grumbles*)

Cue cross opening.

Yay, Lizzy! What a cute idea!! So great for the first Christmas in the new house. Perfect. You'll have to wait and see it when I post pictures ;)

After the neighbors left, everyone (AKA, my mom and Mrs. Martha) decided to point out the fact that Matt is getting bigger than I am. *glare* Thank you, I really would like everyone to just take a moment and notice that. *grumble* Just kidding...mostly. But it is irritating to say the least not to be able to actually hold him back when he tries to steal my last cookie, etc.

The funniest part was the feet thing. Matt got really nice new boots for Christmas, and




I wear a size 11 in women's shoes, which is nearly unheard-of-ly big. I put my foot next to Matt's boots, and HOLY JEEZ THEY LOOK SMALLISH. I put his boots on, too (don't tell him, okay?) and they were roomy to say the least XD

Lizzy's getting taller than me, too. Well, not yet, but her legs are like two inches longer than mine, easy. She's gettin' there. But I don't really mind that much. It doesn't bother me that she's getting taller than I am like it does that Matt is. Weird, huh?

Lizzy got a scooter for Christmas, an iHome, cute clothes (that she said she'll let me wear!!!), a scooter, and assorted other cutenesses and candy.

I got lots of awesome stuff that I mostly already mentioned, but I got a cool journal, too. I wanted to mention the journal individually, haha!

Katie did not get a dog for Christmas. NO, REALLY? *SHOCK* :P Luckily we had gotten it through to her that she REALLY WASN'T GETTING A DOG, so she wasn't disappointed. *whew* But she got really cute stuff anyway. An awesome outfit that made me "jealous", a swing that will attach to your CEILING, and bunches else.

Matt got coats, boots, a camcorder (:O), a PS3 (um, I *think* that's what it is...), and more. Yay!

After everyone left, we watched my present to Lizzy: the Wizards of Waverly Place Movie. Complete with extended scenes, a rock that changes colors, special features, and, of course, wonderful older-brother-little-sister moments. *sniff sniff*

I really can't tell you how awesome today has been. I mean, if there was ever a You-Had-To-Be-There moment, this is it. I feel sorry for anyone who didn't share Christmas with us, because when you share it with friends like this, it just doesn't get any better.

Merry Christmas, bloggers. Let's always remember the reason for the season: the pregnant teenage girl, the confused (of course) guy, and the little baby that would save us all.

(Just one more time: don't you love God's sense of irony???)

~Kendra (the signature isn't working correctly, sorry!)

P.S. Pictures taken with my VERY OWN NEW CAMERA THAT I LOVE (even though it's purple XD) coming soon!


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

LOL, I love ur list. Just in time too! I'll post winners tomorrow. Again, great job. I love it. So far it looks like you have a pretty good shot. ;) Not that I'd know right?

achieve1dream said...

Merry Christmas!

Can't wait to see the pictures. Oh and I'm glad someone else has big feet like me. :D

Cassie said...

I'm glad that you had a wonderful day!

Merry, merry Christmas!!!

Love and Blessings,