Tuesday, December 8, 2009


FIRST, thanks for following, Glow Fish!!!
Second, I might have mentioned this yesterday...If I did, sorry for being repetitive: there's a Carpe Diem Christmas Countdown button on the sidebar, if you want to take it, be my guest :)

Okay, so in the spirit of Santa, here are 18 things I want for Christmas (in a perfect world, of course; I'm not holding my breath :))

1. A camera - No more asking Lizzy for hers!

2. A better straightener - Frying-hair-by-going-over-it-four-times-with-a-straightener-that-only-goes-up-to-250, FTL!

3. A treadmill - Maybe then I can get my butt out of the computer chair -.-

4. Harry Potter books

5. Pendragon books

6. The third Gallagher Girl book: "Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover"

7. iTunes gift cards

8. Journals - What can I say, I fill them up so fast!

9. Barnes & Noble gift cards

10. Bobby pins

11. An iHome - They play music, have an alarm clock, a regular clock, and they charge your iPod! What's not to like???

12. An older brother (but I do have KnightWing :)) - I'm not going into this for the millionth time, LOL!

13. Black Amethyst lotion from Bath & Body Works - It's "my" scent.

14. A Time-Turner

15. A gift for math and science - A girl can dream, can't she?

16. To write a story I don't look back on with disgust a year later - :-/ *sigh*

17. SNOW!

18. To be the best witness for Christ I can be.

So, yeah :) Now...

Wanna see our...

Our GIANT, TEN-FOOT Christmas tree??Aaand the smaller one we have for downstairs (it's artificial)?
Aaaaand a picture of me and Lizzy from every Christmas?
Aaaaaaand the organ that was my great-grand...something's?

Aaaaaaaaand (part of) my mom's Christmas tree collection?
Aaaaaaaaaaand the holly-berry-tinsel-twine-stuff in my room?


JT Norlander said...

Hey Kendra,

I just wanted to comment on a comment you left on Chris' blog on his Harry Potter reviews. I didn't know anywhere else to get this to you, however.

But the one thing is, you had already commented on my blog a long time ago the same things you said to him, about the spells being "real witches spells" and such. And I'm not sure if you ever saw my reply awhile ago, but you are incorrect in this point.

The spells, when you compare them with actually wiccan and witchcraft spells and such, aren't the same. And believe me, I researched when writing my thesis on Harry Potter. (which can be found on my blog somewhere.) while the findings in detail aren't in the thesis, my general conclusion is.

And there is a large difference between the magic used in the series and other fantasy series, and Satanism.

so I just wanted to tell you that.

JT Norlander

Kendra Logan said...

I've done a little research, too, but this one is what really convinced me:


Thanks for taking the time to comment!


JT Norlander said...

I read the link, and I'm sorry, Kendra, for having to say this.

But it's bullcrap.

A. It's a logical mess. This woman has not read the books, and has not studied them. Either that or she's read them without reading them.

B. Hermes was a greek messenger God. while pagan, he wasn't a part of witchcraft. And honestly, what came first, the latin language or witchcraft? The latin language, which is what these things are based in. I mean, seriously Kendra, look at this objectively.

I don't say that there is nothing problematic in the Harry Potter series. But I think your argument, and the argument of this "witch" whom I'm not even completely convinced by, is logical or even very accurate or true.

Kendra Logan said...

I don't believe that, but regardless of internet evidence, I've seen plenty myself. One little girl in particular that I babysit for is obsessed with the occult because Harry Potter. She has all the wands and stuff, and tries to do spells all the time.

Like I've said before, I read the books and think they're fine and entertaining, just strictly not for young kids and, whether you want to see it or not, they draw kids into the occult.

I don't care if Rowling meant the books to do this or not, I'm just saying what's happening.

Cassie said...

When you get that gift for Math and Science, let me know where you got it! LOL!

I want an older brother too.

I love your pics and I thought that I'd say that I got the iHome for Christmas last year and I LOVE it! I only can't use it too much because I share a room with my baby sister.

Happy Holidays!

Kendra Logan said...

Haha, I will be sure to let you know! :)

Ooh, good to know about the iHome. I've been wondering if it's really as good as the advertisements say :)


Emma said...

Hey Kendra:
I just came to your blog and I love it!! Thanks for commenting on mine!
Also... you take Latin? Or you know it? I take it too, I think it's really cool that someone else takes it!! I like ur URL! "puella"... isn't that girl? Yeah, it is. Awesome!

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Nice, also you better get to working on your fantasy Chrimstas list for the list contest on my blog. Nobody has entered. I think I'm gonn have to remind everyone again.

Kyle Hendricks said...

Sorry Kendra, but most authors/writers have the issue with #16. :l
At least, the 260,000+ people on NaNoWriMo seem to think so. ;)