Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ten Days Unt--Wait...


29 votes out of 81?????? NONONONO! :) Vote on the poll to the right, s'il vous plait :)


So, um, I don't know how this happened, but there are not ten days until Christmas. There are nine.


I have no idea how that happened. LOL, I've counted the days every day, and it's always come out as being 0 days on the 25. So, I have no idea why all the sudden today I've realized my mistake and not, like, two weeks ago, LOL!

So, sorry. Wow. *is still frowning and trying to figure out how this happened because she really did count and this has never come out wrong before*

LOL, but anyway, I guess I'll be doing ten days until Christmas AND nine days until Christmas today :)

Ten Reasons Why Santa Exists:
1. The Obvious Reason - PRESENTS, duh

2. The Not-So-Obvious Reason - There must be *some* bearing in the Santa Story otherwise it wouldn't get passed down from generation to generation for so long.

3. The Bad Reason - Wikipeida believes in him.

4. The Hair-Splitting Reason - Well, define "Santa"...

5. The Childish Reason - The Cookies are gone!

6. The Elusive Reason - The elves told me so.

7. The Logical Reason - If he's not real, how does everyone know what he looks like?

8. The Sarcastic Reason - Psh, I *know* my parents don't buy me all this...

9. The Artsy Reason - Santa is as real as you imagine him to be.

10. The Political Reason - If Santa is fake, then little kids would be getting their feelings hurt all the time and the government would step in and make it illegal to tell kids that Santa is real. So, Santa must be real because otherwise the government would come and protect us from the tragedy of truth.

Nine Cute Christmas Stockings:
1. Rocker Princess
2. Card Shark
3. Let it snow, man!
4. Christmas on the savanna
5. Sports
6. Just cute
7. For KnightWing ;)
8. Reowr :)
9. It's personal
And so, folks...



[no name] said...

love the 7th socket :D
and btw... I voted twice (at home and at work computers respectively

Wikipedia believes in Santa? well, if wikipedia says so...
(here we have a different christmas figure, baby Jesus practically)

Anonymous said...

It's ten days if you count today, the 16th. Count as "16, 17, 18, 19..." and you'll have ten. It's nine if you count "17, 18, 19..." :)

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

I believe in Santa, you just made me believe even more! LOL :)

JT Norlander said...

I voted! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the Sarcastic Reason, hahaha!
And let me tell you, Santa Claus really existed once.
His name was really Nicholas, and was a believer, so they called him Saint Nicholas (if you pronounce it quick enough you will get SantaClaus). When Christmas came, he went to the poor at night and gave them small wood figurines he'd made himself. More or less, this is the story, and it's real. So hence Santa Claus who on Christmas Eve comes down the chimeny and gives presents to the kids. =)