Friday, January 15, 2010

Distracted Post...Character Day and Picture Day


As I was going to bed last night (actually as I was writing in my journal), it occurred to me that I didn't blog yesterday. Of course, by then it would have been today anyway if I had posted. I tend to say up kinda late(ish).

Yesterday was Character Day and today is Picture Day. Character Day is my favorite, and I hate that I missed it, so maybe I'll combine the two days and post a Picture of one of my Characters?

You guys have probably all seen Darren and Paige before (if you haven't, you can see them on my book's website HERE), so let's pick something different. Er, someONE different :)
That's Luken. He's in Mirror, too, but I don't think I've posted a picture of him yet. He's an elf (obviously), and slightly arrogant, very mysterious, and determined to find his exiled father.

I know this was a pretty dull post, but I'm in the middle of trying to install a webcam (thanks, Kyle), and trying to win a Write-a-Thon (thanks to Kyle again, LOL) and get my cleaning done before...

WE GOT TO MATT ("little brother") AND KATIE ("little sister")'S HOUSE!

My parents left today for a conference, so we get to be part of Matt and Katie's family for this evening and tomorrow. YAY!!!

But that does mean that I have to finish cleaning before Mrs. Martha (Matt and Katie's mom) gets here to pick us up on her way home from work.

So, mostly that translates into "I gotta go XD"


Chris said...

Elves? Dull? How did those two words end up in the same post! lol
Cool picture. Looks like I'm not the only one who scours the internet for images of their characters. :-)

Einar said...

I always mooch offa friends who know how to draw:)

Wow, my verification word was exuamard, talk about strange sounding words!