Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Daybook: Week 3

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Date: Saturday January 16th, 2010
Starting time: 8:54pm
Mood: serious.
Outside my window: Pitch blackness, but warmer than it has been in days, so YESSS!
I'm thinking: seriousness.
I'm reading: "A Passage to India" still. Oh, CRAP, I'm behind again. >:(
I'm listening to: the old computer humming like a freaking locomotive
I'm wearing: ...I feel like such a failure. I'm wearing the same thing every freaking Saturday. Just different versions of it. Jeans, shirt, and sweatshirt. Just different jeans, shirts, and sweatshirts. :-/
Yesterday, I: spent the night with Matt and Katie!! It was awesome!
I'm excited for: Well, Cavender is coming to church tomorrow.
I'm sad because: I wish I could help more.
I'm hungry for: NOTHING. I ate lasagna at Matt and Katie's house and I am STILL FULL.
The song stuck inside my head is: "Glorious Day" by...I do not know. We sing it at church and Mrs. Martha (Matt and Katie's mom) has been humming/singing it all day :)
I want: No school.
I love: my family, friends, and almost-family.
I loathe: Satan.
This week, my goal is: my chores. Hah, a goal! YES! (One day I'm gonna put down my goal is to think of a goal. 'Cause that's pretty much what I think every week, LOL)
Did I meet last week's goal?: Last week's goal was to be a better friend. Unfortunately, I can't really answer that one for myself. Hmm.
Ending time: 9:05pm :D


Kyle Hendricks said...

You've always been a good friend to me. :)

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