Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Memory Day (among other things...a LOT of other things)

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday. I was grounded. It was hard not to blog with the new schedule just starting! I was THIS CLOSE to giving Kyle my password and dictating or something, LOL.

Oh, and I leave the blogosphere for like ONE DAY and everyone decides to become awesome and follow! :O Big thanks(es? XD) to Pam Calvert, Nicole, Amber, and Ashley Schaffer !!! WooT, y'all rock!

*AND* Milli awarded me.

Wow, I mean, I leave for one day...

XD Thank you, Milli! Here are the tags/awards:

First, the Happy 101 Award, where I get to list ten things that make me happy.
1. Writing
2. Reading
3. Alias
4. Cavender
5. Kyle
6. Brothers
7. When people laugh at me (even though I'm not actually funny).
8. Saturdays/sleeping in after staying up late
9. Music
10. Comfort food

Now, the Humane Award...
...which apparently means 10 bloggers who brighten your day. So, I'll tag...

1. KnightWing - Because Teen Justice is just that awesome (AND he is my online older brother).
2. Christian Miles - Because his advice on writing is really good.
3. Mia - Because her posts are unbelievably encouraging.
4. Shep - Because he (and his author) are both awesome.
5. Krevan - Because he was my first really active follower!
6. Chris - Because his posts make me LOL.
7. Cavender - Because he's hilarious.
8. Kyle - Because he's awesome, and my older brother :)
9. The sisters at Two Sisters~Best Friends - Because they are wonderful models of sisterly love!
10. Cinderella - Because she's the kind of girl I want to be when I grow up.

*gasp* Okay, now that all THAT is out of the way, the schedule...

Today is Memory Day. *headdesk* I need to get to writing so I can beat Kyle. I do not have TIMEEEEEEE for a memory!! I AM GONNA LOSE.


Oh, wait, that's perfect! Memory Day can be for the day that I "met" Kyle! It's not really a memory EXACTLY, but it can suffice for today, right? Because guess what? A year ago today I met Kyle. So, there. That is a memory. And that's the reason I'm gonna leave now because we're having an epic write-a-thon that I'm gonna win...



KnightWing said...



Kyle Hendricks said...


Happy day happy day. :D
Oh krap I'm tagged. . .

Glow Fish said...

Thats a cute award! :3

Cavender James said...


Ashley Schaffer said...

I love finding new blogs to follow! Fun fun.

Here's that link you're a' missin': http://unitentionalintention.blogspot.com


Pam Calvert said...

Many hugs to you!!! I'm sorry you're grounded.

Kisses and hugs!!!



awww kendra! thanks so much for the award :) you are too sweet.


i mean, an award? i will not take it. i simply need to have the world delivered to me on a silver platter!!!


that's not right either....i'll get back to you on this... :)

Einar said...

Write! Writewritewritewritewrite!!!!!

Chris said...

Aww, thanks for the reward! You tagged me twice, though. I'm Chris and ChristianMiles (pen name). I guess I could stick this on both blogs then, huh? lol

Kʀɛѵɑɳ said...

thanks... =)
I was once a good follower, but now I'm embarrassed I got this award... :S I've been a crappy blogger for quite a long time now... time consuming work and laziness are hard... =_=
so, thanks again, and I hope you're having fun with... stuff in general :D

Kʀɛѵɑɳ said...

*so, kendrabelle now, huh? ;D sounds nice

~ Judy ~ said...

Gee, thanks for the award!
Two Sisters/Best Friends