Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Truth Revealed and Kendra's First Boyfriend XD

Haha, wow, awesome response to the last post! Thanks for guessing, y'all!

Now, the truth revealed:

Does Kendra like death metal?

For the record, 6/9 followers answered FACT.

Heck yes XD FACT.

Congratulations to Izori, kinda JT (I think your answer was cheating ;) :P), Katie G, Tunafish, Cavender (duh ;P), and Milli!

I really don't know why I like death metal. Maybe it's the rebel in me, maybe it's the fact that it almost takes talent to appreciate in itself, maybe it's the fact that lots of metal is in a minor key (something I LOVE). *shrug* I really don't know, but for whatever reason, yes: Kendra likes death metal :)

Well, today is Memory Day. What memory shall I tell you on this wonderful Tuesday?

Ah, I got it. A preschool memory. They're always fun.
Okay, so, I had this boyfriend in preschool.

His name was Jared, he was half African American, and he was very, very good looking. He was fun, funny, and liked to play pretend games with me, or at the very least would put up with it for my sake.

The day I remember most with him was the day the kids in my class mailed our Father's Day cards. All twenty-ish of us got in a line and got to walk (with the teachers, of course) to the post office a couple of blocks over to mail our cards. I had on a red, yellow, and black plaid, pleated skirt that I loved :) Jared and I held hands, skipping, and pretended that we were walking to college. We thought all the big, old buildings around looked like colleges.

Yeah, he was pretty awesome. He was one of the few kids at preschool that I actually liked. -.- To put it mildly, I did not care for some of the kids, especially this girl named Maria.

Maria was always kinda mean, and she especially was to me. She thought she was SO GORGEOUS, but I didn't particularly think so. One day, picture day at preschool, she came up to me in her flouncy little dress and said, "I'm prettier than you are."

I tried to play it off, but even as four-year-old tomboy, the remark hurt me a lot. I really liked my dress, and I had thought I looked nice.

Things got worse the next day. Jared came up to me during playtime and said (I can hear his voice to this day):

"I'm sorry, Kendra, I've got a new girlfriend now."

Cue the *dun dun dunnnnnn* music.

And from perfectly behind him, just like in a bad movie, MARIA stepped out.

Of all the people to be replaced by! *huff* Even as a four-year-old I wasn't much for being dissed ;) I remember being more mad than sad, but I did cry a little at home that day, LOL!
:) Thank you for joining us for a Kendra's Way-More-Vivid-Than-Any-Four-Year-Old-Should-Be-Able-To-Remember Memory.

If you'd still listen to advice from a nut job like me, stick around tomorrow for Advice Day ;)


Bekah said...

LOL!!! HILARIOUS!!! :) Poor you, though. I would hate that! "oh, by the way, I have a new girlfriend...who is your worst enemy." ^^


Jillian Sky said...

Preschool drama is the greatest. I once told this boy named Josh that he was violating the fashion laws by wearing a long sleeved shirt with shorts and sandals and socks. ah, those were the days.

Bethany said...

awww :( :)

people (including ourselves) laugh when little kids fall in love....but it's not funny then :/
I didn't know any boys at all until I was 10...then we joined a homeschool co-op and I fell for one of the boys.....there were Valentine's Day happenings :D and believe it or not, seven+ years later I still think he's the most wonderful person in the world.... ^_^
and I'm wondering why I just put this for all the world to see.....guess your Memory Day triggered memories in me too :)

***Emily*** said...

Nice... When I was in preschool I got in trouble for stealing ladybugs from the school grounds, apparently it is illegal to bring live bugs into the school....or home.

Thanks for the memory!

In Christ,

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

No, you didn't miss it. I was gonna do it this month...and I'm still gonna try. Its just...with the holidays and everything I've been so swamped. But I promise its comin' soon and you haven't missed it. ;)

KnightWing said...



Okay, I'm gonna need this "Jared" kid's full name, address, and a list of his fears.

MoonShaw said...

Awwwww... this was both funny and sad...

Kendrabelle Logan said...

Bekah: LOL, I know, right? First breakup, ouch XD

Jillian: Hahaha, that's great! Yeah, preschool drama is always so funny.

Bethany: Yeah, it was sad at the time, but now it's hilarious.

Aw, that's awesome :) Sometimes when you're little, you really are a good judge of what (or who) you like.

Emily: What the heck?? No ladybugs inside? -_- I totally woulda done the same thing; only AFTER I found out the rule XD

Bleah: Okay, haha, thanks :)

Aaron: In preschool you don't have last names XD But that made me smile a lot :)

MoonShaw: Just what I was going for XD Haha, glad you liked it.


Tunafish said...

This kinda made me feel there, or brought back memories... or both =P I liked allot of people when I was little... but nothing ever happened. Either they ignored me or secretly liked me and ignored me =P kinda sad, but it's helped me so I'm happy =) Jesus loves you!