Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Daybook: Week 4

GOSH make your OWN. HERE.

Date: Saturday January 3rd, 2010
Starting time: 2:53pm
Mood: Happy :D
Outside my window: Pale sunshine.
I'm thinking: Hmm, about lots of random things :D
I'm reading: "Wicked Lovely" by Melissa Marr
I'm listening to: Lizzy's cleaning timer ticking on the desk.
I'm wearing: Awesome navy T-shirty pants and a Great Wolf Lodge T-shirt.
Yesterday, I: Saw "To Save a Life" with Cavender.
I'm excited for: Uh, nothing :-/
I'm sad because: School continues Monday.
I'm hungry for: Not hungry, DUH.
The song stuck inside my head is: "Revelation" by Third Day
I want: No school. Summer. No headaches. And plane tickets.
I love: Warm weather.
I loathe: Cold weather.
This week, my goal is: Not to die.
Ending time: 3:00pm

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Cavender James said...

S0z TSGIW, but I ain't making my own. Just saying. ;P