Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Advice Day

EDIT: Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH! I have 100 followers?????????? :O

Made. My. Day.

Y'all have no idea how much I've wanted to get to 100, and had doubts of whether I would. Thank you SO MUCH nascar_38_2! You are amazing. Wow. Thank you.


Now for the original post...

Sorry, I know, I haven't posted since Sunday. I missed Fact or Fiction Day, AND Memory Day D: Monday was sort of HORRIBLE, so I didn't feel like posting, and then yesterday I was too busy being tired and Skyping XD

Right now, I've knocked out three of six subjects for the day! I should feel happier than I do. I'm not really happy about it. I think it's because debate is one of the subjects I still have to do, and that's a really big job.

We've had five weeks to prepare for this debate, but anyone who knows me will tell you that giving me lots of prep time doesn't really help. Let's just say I'm a fan of the group, "SWEET! My homework is due in a week, that gives me 6 days to relax." XD

Also, I might be just a TEENSIE bit *gasp* NERVOUS about this debate. (Yus, me, nervous about arguing.) We had a debate meeting last Thursday. The affirmative went off and worked together, and then negative (I'm negative) went off to work together. Apparently most of the affirmative's discussion centered around how to take me down D:

At first I thought the guy was kidding when he told me that, but he was serious O.o Great, thanks, guys. FEELING THE LOVE.

Although, I guess part of me has to be flattered that they consider me such a worthy/scary opponent >:D As well they should. I don't care that I've done barely anything these five weeks to prepare. My partner Jessie and I are gonna rock our opponents' worlds and come out on top.

Heh, I'm not competitive or anything... >.>

Well, I know today was Advice Day, so I guess I should leave you with something at least philosophical. Hmm...okay, how's this?

Be careful when you try to psych someone out in a debate. It might just make them stronger than before >:D


Einar said...

HaHA! Good advice!

bre said...

You're welcome! you're good! therefore- you deserve 100! haha. hopefully i'll get as good as you. not counting on it. but fingers crossed! keep up the good work!

Katie G. said...


Milli said...

Congrats on 100 followers! That's a big number:]
haha. I'm a huge procratinator too.
And...really good advice

achieve1dream said...

Good luck in the debate!

Anonymous said...

if you ran and jumped off a cliff and they weren't paying attention it could be the biggest piece of news since 1978.