Thursday, January 7, 2010

MONUMENTAL DECISION (skip to the end if you want)

Remember what I said about how our BritLit assignment was cool? Well, I lied.

I *thought* it was going to be cool, but it's turned out to be tedious, slow, boring, and pointless. The book is, at least, not the assignment. The author doesn't tell you who's speaking, you just have to kind of figure it out. And it's set in India, so the way they phrase things is sort of cryptic and awkward. And nothing happens. I'm a fast reader, and this is day 2 with only 50 pages covered. I need to get to 170 by Monday. *groan*

Besides that riveting piece of news, guess what else has happened today?


This is my life during school. Exciting, isn't it? This is why we need a schedule. I'm planning on starting it this Sunday, so I'll just take the top seven Days from the poll.

As of now, the schedule is going to be:

Sunday: God Day
Monday: Name/Quote/Advice/Question (tied, obviously)
Tuesday: Fact or Fiction Day
Wednesday: Picture Day
Thursday: Character Day
Friday: Memory Day
Saturday: Daybook Day

So yeah. That is all I have to say.


I actually have something MONUMENTAL to ask you guys:

What if I changed my username? How freaked out/opposed/PO-ed would y'all be? Here are the ones I was considering:

Cinderbelle (ditch Kendra completely, but...I don't think I could do that...)
Kendrabelle (I like this, too.)
Kendra Cinderbelle (I don't like this.)

Thoughts? I know this is a lot of asking in one post, but if you wanted to leave me a comment with your opinion, I'd like it :)

By for real, y'all :D



Anonymous said...

Kendrabelle is adorable! I would go with that!


Milli said...

Definitly, Kendrabelle :]

achieve1dream said...

It won't bother me if you change your username. :) Of the three I prefer Kendrabelle.

Izori said...

Uh...can I be honest? I don't particularly care for any of them...but I suppose Kendrabelle is 'cute-sounding'.

Anonymous said...

I like Kendrabelle, definitely.

Cavender James said...

CINDERBELLE! But I'm biased, XD