Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Daybook: Week 1

Just finished watching two episodes of Alias. I love that show. Have I said that before? ;) So, this one had Mr. Sark in it, okay? And he kept...

*voice trails off as you zone out and completely ignore everything I was going to say*

*cough* So. Anyway.

So, guess what? I'M GOING TO START A DAY BOOK! I've been watching them float around, and I figured it'd be fun to start one...eventually. Seems like the new year is a great time to start. Every Saturday, count on one of these popping up...

Wanna do a daybook, too? Click-o here-o (haha, hero...sorry. I'm in a weird mood today).

Kendra's Daybook Week 1

Date: Saturday January 2nd, 2010
Starting time: 9:49pm
Mood: relatively happy. A bit distracted, and sorting some things out.
Outside my window: pitch black. I hate winter -.-
I'm thinking: WOW, if there was ever a big question, this is it. There is no short answer to that one, let me tell ya. A lot. I'm thinking about a lot, and a lot about a lot XD
I'm reading: right now I'm rereading The Mortal Instruments Trilogy. I want to read "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown ("The Da Vinci Code") next.
I'm listening to: the wind howling around my house. I never knew wind could sound like this in real life until we moved here.
I'm wearing: Banana Republic jeans, a Walk For Autism T-shirt, and my black sweatshirt with the name of my dance studio in gold on it. And socks. That fit. And underwea--you know what, never mind (;P).
Yesterday, I: went to Matt and Katie's house and had an awesome time.
I'm excited for: um, hmm. Nothing really... :(
I'm sad because: whoa! How'd you know I was sad? :O I just can't figure out what to dooooo about some stuff, and that makes me sad, among other emotions.
I'm hungry for: um, I'm not hungry. But if I were, it'd be for Ramen noodles XD
The song stuck inside my head is: Nothing. Aw, dang, now you made me have a certain song in my head... *clears throat* Cavender... -.- :P Just kidding.
I want: O.O Um. I do not know. (Loaded answer, believe me.)
I love: sarcasm (Lols, that totally could have been sarcastic...WooT XD)
I loathe: people who think I am inferior
This week, my goal is: to do really well in the first week of school. Gotta start off strong!!
Did I meet last week's goal?: N/A
Ending time: 10:07pm (See? I told you I was distracted.)



Katie G. said...

Good luck in school!!!

Cavender James said...

*screams* FAILED CRE-A-TION!!!!!

Kendra Logan said...

Katie: Thanks!!

Cavender: That would be the one ;P