Sunday, January 3, 2010

Female Cows and New Pajamas

So. Today has been good and bad at the same time.

- I slept horrible
- I've been cold all day
- I think I may really be getting sick :(

- Church was good (I loved all the songs we sang!)
- I got some great journaling done
- We had Christmas with Matt and Katie's family, WooT!

We went straight to their house after youth group (since all of us except Katie were already together). We got pizza :D Then presents.

Lizzy shops for Katie, I shop for Matt. It just works better that way :) Katie was thrilled with her presents (a soft blanket she'd been wanting and this awesome Bath & Body Works peppermint soap).

Matt was actually really glad about his kite and reaction ball, too! :O I was really glad and kinda relieved. I don't know if you remembered, but he showed me this car he wanted me to get him for Christmas, but when I went to get it, it turned out to be a slot car -.- So, I ended up having to get him a kite. He actually *loved* it!! He said he'd been *wanting* a kite, and Matt's not one to make up crud like that.


So, because I didn't really feel like much, I mostly sat and watched Matt play Modern Warfare 2. I usually like to watch that kind of stuff. Today, I was too fuzzy to really take it all in, so I just made do with pestering Matt with irritating questions:

"What makes that gun an uzi?"

"You do realize that a 'heifer' is actually a female cow, right?"

"How do you tell who's on your team?"

"Can you shoot holes in that water tower?"

His answers:

1. "It's the kind of gunnnnnnnn, Kendra."


Him: "It shoots faster than the other ones. But there are actually guns that look just like it that shoot faster."


2. *laughs* "No, I didn't know that..."

3. "There are big green letters above them. Jeez."

4. *ignored me*

So that was my day. Mostly good, kinda cruddy because I feel sick, though :( But, not bad. Also, the fact that school starts back tomorrow kinda puts a damper on things.

Oh well.

Tomorrow, look for "Things About Playing Video Games With Guys".



Logan said...

I've had the chills all day, too. It's the way I usually feel right before I get sick. Here's hoping both of us can turn our health in a positive direction...

Kʀɛѵɑɳ said...

thanks, it's great to be back. i probably still won't be active on blogger, though
i'm glad you've been having a good time =)
haha cod mw2 rocks x)

Kendra Logan said...

Logan: Well, I'm officially "sick", but it's not terrible. I should be able to knock this cold out pretty quickly. I hope you're feeling better!!

Krevan: You're welcome :D And yep, this Christmas season has been pretty awesome.


KnightWing said...

Actually, all cows are female. :P

Kendra Logan said...

KnightWing: ...oh, yeah... XD LOL!