Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Story of Cinderbelle (read previous post, too please :D)

I feel the need to explain my desire to change my username.

Cinderbelle is my new favorite nickname (courtesy of Cavender XD). Actually, my only favorite nickname. Most of mine are really annoying and/or embarrassing (with the exception of TSGIW :P)

The name came when I was having to do an insane amount of chores one day. I was complaining to Cavender, who called me Cinderella.

I pointed out that I was definitely not Cinderella, because she was a lot more gracious about chores than I am XD We'd already established the fact that Belle was basically the Disney version of me, so he suggested instead:


And voila, Cinderbelle is born.



Cavender James said...


Einar said...

Cinderbell works, although I can easily see Alex making fun of it on Carpe Noctem, yer just gonna have to wear a soft name and carry a big......pen...:)