Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Daybook: Week 2

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Date: Saturday January 8th, 2010
Starting time: 1:03pm
Mood: I'm fine. STILL sorting some stuff out, but I'm making progress, so that's good. But my stomach hurts, so that's kind of a sadness.
Outside my window: Sunshine! And bare trees.
I'm thinking: Babysitting tonight (not Matt and Katie).
I'm reading: "A Passage to India." Oh, you've never heard of it? THERE'S A REASON. *shakes head*
I'm listening to: the computer humming. And my fingers clacking really fast on the keyboard. And the little gmail chat sound when Kyle says something.
I'm wearing: Banana Republic jeans, a church T-shirt, and a Classical Conversations sweatshirt. And "white" ;P (All y'all on Facebook should be laughing.)
Yesterday, I: went to a rollerskating party. I'm a good-ish skater. I'm not fancy, but I'm fast (mostly) XD And I did not fall.
I'm excited for: Well, Cavender is coming to church not tomorrow, but next week! That is all I can think of to be excited for. (If I'm missing something huge that you are offended that I've forgotten about, please don't hate me.)
I'm sad because: I'm actually not.
I'm hungry for: LOL, my answer is basically exactly what it was last week: "Um, I'm not hungry. But if I were, it'd be for Ramen noodles XD"
The song stuck inside my head is: Nothin'.
I want: I think I know now.
I love: sleeping well.
I loathe: cramps.
This week, my goal is: I just realized how under-achieving I've become. Okay, I will say to be a better friend.
Did I meet last week's goal?: My last week's goal was to do really well the first week in school. I did. I didn't try my best, but I'm still doing really well. *sigh*
Ending time: 1:22pm :D

Dat's all. KBye.

P.S. Don't you love that signature? XD


Einar said...

Kendrabelle FTW!

Cavender James said...

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!

White. -_-

I have Ramen. :D (But it's "low sodium")

GracieTheFirst said...

LOL, White. LOL!
I know, I need to go shopping too, your not the only one. XD