Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well, looks like another giant snowstorm :D :D :D :D Today has been wonderful!

Last time we had, what? sevenish inches? This time we have TEN INCHES OF SNOW!!!!!!! Last time we had, how many? five families come to our street to sled? This time we have TWELVE FAMILIES!!!!!!! WOOT!! One of the best parts about snow is getting together to share the experience with friends--and lots of hot chocolate!

My church never cancels, but we didn't expect a lot of people to show up. We actually ended up with thirty-nine people, though! Worship was really laid back and kind of impromptu. It was great; everyone was a bit hyper, grown-ups included :)

After church, we came home and had lunch, then chilled for a while before going to play in the snow. I didn't really feel like playing in the snow, but I was planning to go anyway. That is, until I fell asleep on the couch. I must have been tireder than I thought. I slept for about an hour before waking up to find everyone gone to play in the snow. (I do remember my mom telling me that sometime...LOL, I was really out, okay?)

I felt so much better after the nap, and I got dressed and ran to end of the street. Even more people than yesterday! Everything was perfect. Sunny, no wind, and the Hill was seriously packed down and slick. The sleds flew! I didn't get cold once, and ended up taking off my coat (not the Soft Jacket, my actual COAT :P) and gloves.


Pictures for proof (captions on the BOTTOM [I usually put them on the top])!

The boys race!Katie and Kaitlin sledding!Matt wipes out XDMaddie getting ready to sled. (I sometimes babysit for her and her brother, Ryan. Maybe you remember hearing about them?)My dad and Joey. Joey is blind and autistic, but so much fun XDLizzy :)Ryan, Maddie's older brother.Maddie and Licky XDMy mom in the red, Mr. Leon (Matt and Katie's dad), and then Matt.


Bethany said...

yay! jealosy, I love snow and we haven't had any this year :( In fact we're having very warm weather....daffodils are up.....grr.

have fun! :)

Izori said...

Hey, it snowed here too! Our neighborhood isn't that close, though, so we don't have big get-to-gethers for sledding. Actually, not much people came out in the snow at all. Guess we're getting sick of it!

Milli said...

Snow days are awesome!
Wow. It didn't even snow that much in canada:]

Cassie said...

You came out after I left?!?! I was hoping to see you, oh well. I guess I won't see you till sunday :(