Thursday, January 21, 2010

Character Day: Cosa and Degan

Today has been arguably better than yesterday,, actually, I kinda don't really wanna talk about it.

So, Character Day:

Say hello to my WIP (Work In Progress) twins! I made up the names a long time ago (last February, I posted about 'em HERE and HERE), but they came back to me a couple of days ago. Will they ever amount to anything? It's hard to say, but for right now, they have my full attention!

Apparently I had a plot idea back in February, but that remains to be remembered. It can't have been THAT good then, right? XD

I still don't have a story to stick these two twins in, but they're working on it. In math, I had an idea for a story called "Castles and Cottages" (working title), and I came up with a couple of ideas for it. Maybe Cosa and Degan belong there? *shrug* We'll see.

Not a typical Kendra Main Girl Character. For the most part, my characters are strong-willed, kick-butt, pretty and out to break the rules for the greater good. Cosa breaks the stereotypical Kendra Mold.

While she's very clever and not exactly one to go with the flow, she's quieter. Her style is quiet and unassuming, her voice is low. She's stubborn, but more likely to try to change herself than persuade others to change.

Degan is my attempt at a non-Kendra-stereotypical guy. I've always felt like than in literature lately, the guy twin is the quieter one, the more passive one. I think that was an attempt to break the original stereotype of guys being the louder and more aggressive. However, that original stereotype has been broken, and now there's a NEW stereotype: the guy is the quieter one.

Well, Degan speaks for the twins. He and Cosa are really close, but I guess their relationship and personalities kind of fit the original stereotype...but since that stereotype was broken, does that still make them stereotypical...?

Have I confused you? 'Cause I think I've confused myself XD (Actually, no, that was just being polite. I'm actually not confused. But I am COLD -_-)

Whatever. More about Degan. He is...a bit wild and rash and protective of Cosa. He has a soft spot for little kids, and hates spiders.

(I did NOT just make all that up on the spot... >.>)

Anyway, that was a very jumbled Character Day! Hope you found it worth reading XD


Bethany said...

Is your story set in a Scandinavian-type country? Love the hair, and blue eyes, hehe ;)
I need to watch The Two Towers again, the people of Rohan have such awesome Nordic influences....

Pam Calvert said...

Beautiful mc's! I like how you're thinking about their personalities. It's how they're made because every character has been stereotyped--even the award winners. It's just how you go about writing their stories--that's the most important!

YAY for new WIP's!!! (I think it's funny that you're dreaming of your WIP in math...ha!)

Merriette said...

Math is so conductive to creative thinking, isn't it?

Your characters look really great, just the type I like (especially because they're siblings, right?) I would love to read a book with them in it.

Kendrabelle Logan said...

Bethany: I *think* so. Lol, isn't that sad that I'm not even sure yet? I do think the culture will have some Scandinavian influences.

Rohan is a good example, I think. I don't see Cosa and Degan's world *quite* like that, but similar.

Pam: Thank you so much! That's true.

:) Haha, yes, and it's quite ironic, because I dislike math because I feel like it stifles creativity. Guess I was wrong!

Merriette: So it would seem! I never thought it would, but some of my best ideas are starting to be had in math...strange, isn't it?

Me too, if I do say so myself. I don't mean that in an arrogant way, it's just that I tend to write about the kind of people I'd like to read about. Does that make sense?

Yes, they're siblings :) You like brothers and sisters, too, right? It's cool to know someone with the same unusual preference.

Thanks for commenting, y'all! Makes my day!


The New Deal said...

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illunse said...

I like the idea of twins, a girl and a guy. Hope you can fit them into one of your stories.

As far as the character names, did you know cosa means thing in Spanish? Truly!

Merriette said...

Yes, that makes complete sense that you like to write about the people you like to read about. :) That's one of the main reasons I write--so that I can read what I want to. :)
Yep! It is neat to find someone who agrees with that. :)