Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Weekly "Most" Awards for Schoolwork

So far, the leading Days in the schedule poll are

#1: Character Day
#2: God Day
#3: Fact or Fiction and Name Day

If you want that to change, vote :)

So, yesterday was the first day back at school. So far, I'm trying to be a better student than I was last semester. I got all good grades and everything, but I wasn't trying my best by any stretch of the imagination.

The Weekly "Most" Awards for Schoolwork

Latin - the Most Surprising
I actually don't hate Latin this semester :O Instead of memorizing junk that's too hard and not that important in real life, we're using our skills to read Caesar's battle notes! How cool is that?? I was like, "AWESOME!!!"

British Lit - the Most (*struggles for the word...and can't find it* -.-) Unique/Unusual/New Assignment
We have to learn to take notes on a book. We're using "A Passage to India" and we have to keep a written list of the characters in the front of the book, write summaries above each chapter, write summaries for each page, circle words we don't know (then look them up and write the definitions in the margins). I think that's a cool assignment. A really good skill to get before college.

Music History - the Most Enjoyable
Basically, Stravinsky's Rite of Spring is GENIUS and Debussy's La Mer is right behind. I LOVE THOSE. And the final in this class will be to be able to recognize a piece by hearing a random ten-second clip of it. No sweat. Audio is my best way of learning. This is gonna be a cinch. A really FUN cinch XD

Biology - the Most the Same
...pretty self-explanatory.

Drama - the Most Easy
We read a play out loud in class, and that's all. We don't even have any homework in this class. And it's pretty fun, too. We're reading "Harvey" right now, and it's great.

Debate - the Most Disappointing

Math - the Most Boring

The end :D

Dance tonight! Yay! Talk to y'all later!



Sam said...

Wow, you take interesting classes! Caesar's battle notes? That sounds so cool.

Einar said...

I like The Art of War meself, but Caesar's battle notes might be interesting too!

Kendra Logan said...

Sam: I kind of do, don't I? I actually really like the classes. They're definitely different ways to looking at common subjects.

Einar: They definitely are. He wasn't worried about using all the rules we just covered in a chapter, or making it as hard on us as he could to help us "learn". XD Reading what he wrote is like reading "real" Latin. It's so much more rewarding than completing the stupid little exercises XD