Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Caption Contest at Proeliator of Lux Lucis!

Hey! One thing, just really quick:

I found an interesting blog out there that's having a Caption/Photoshop-ish Contest, and thought some of y'all might be into that. I know Bethany likes to use Photoshop, and Gracie is into digital art, and a lot of you guys like to make funny captions on LotR (Earwen :)) and stuff. Here's the link to the post with the details:


GracieTheFirst said...

Ooooh! Thank you for thinking of us!
I'll check it out!

Senorita said...

hey kendra
yes indeed we do have a lot in common, haha people who think and believe too much...
anyways i'm still trying to catch up with your blog, since (i'm really sorry about this) i haven't been here for awhile and um, lost touch with some of the things. haven't really forget bout you though. :) i'm following you so i can see your updates on my dashboard. you're interesting.

you seem bolder than me then, if you could stand up and debate. i'll be the first one who chickens out. yikes!


Kendra Logan said...

Gracie: No problem!

Senorita: We do! I love reading your blog.

It's okay, I absolutely know how it is getting behind of things (blogs, chores, school,!).

Bolder, hmm, in familiar settings and debates, yes, but in real life...well, let's just say I chicken out sometimes, too XD

Rochelle Blue said...

Sounds cool! will definitely check it out! thank you =)
Lol, well I hope you will some day try out belly-dancing! haven't started it yet, but I will let you know how it is after my first class.


Kendra Logan said...

Haha, awesome!!

GracieTheFirst said...

I have a friend who belly dances. lol.