Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Imagination and Irritation

Memory Day! Peek into my past... ( ;) )

When I was about ten years old and Lizzy was eight, my parents left us home for an hour or so to go to band practice for our church. Things were fine at home for a little while, but then Lizzy and I heard a noise coming from my dad’s office. It sounded like my dad talking on the phone, so we weren’t bothered by that, until we remembered that our dad wasn’t home. Then we sort of freaked out a little. Lizzy demanded that I go and check in my dad’s office to see if someone was there. After a lot of arguing and freaking out together, I did. I didn’t see anyone, but both of us were convinced we had heard someone.

The rest of the night we kept hearing people! Upstairs, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in our parents’ bedroom. We finally decided that the intruders had to be invisible. It was the only explanation. I had actually been doing some research on invisibility cloaks for a story I was writing, so unfortunately I knew that being invisible was actually possible. Lizzy and I ended up calling our parents, who were more than little ticked off at me for getting us both all scared.

For a long time after that, I really believed that there were people in my house wearing invisibility cloaks. That’s definitely one of the downsides to having a powerful imagination.

So, yes; I've pretty much always been this paranoid and, um, creative :)
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FIRST AND A HALF (because "second" sounds too late): Thanks to Bethany for making the wonderful new header for the blog! Yayayayayayayay! I love it! Do you? She says she likes working with photoshop, so if you have the need for a banner as well...

Classical went well today. Our class is really back to its regular self, which makes me all warm and fuzzy inside XP It does, okay?! I love how we all laugh with and at each other, and so much more. Most of us have been together since eight grade, and some of us from even elementary school. We're a pretty tight bunch ;D

There was a Latin quiz this week. Some of you may know that Latin was not exactly my focal point this week. Let's just say, I studied lightly at the most. So, when the teacher announced that the Latin quiz was today, it was one of those You're-Joking-Right?-Please-Be-Joking-Oh-No,-You're-Not moments for me. Despite my horrors, I actually did pefectly fine. The quiz was EASY.

The logic quiz...hmm...In my defense, whoever wrote the book is a flat-out HORRIBLE teacher with NO LOGIC EXPERIENCE or GOOD WRITING EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER. All he talks about is crap like Simple Aprehension and Verbal Expressions and Comprehension vs. Extension and all this junk that has to be put into confusing over-lapping categories! I HATE IT! I *love* logic, so when someone like Mr. What'sHisName comes along and writes a terrible logic book (which we frequently have to change in class because it's INCORRECT), it makes me MAD. Can you TELL?

Lol. Sort of. No, actually, you know what? Not lol.

Other than that, today has been fine. The teacher really loved my "Paradise Lost" paper, which is a major YAY because I loved the book. I hate it when I write a bad paper for a good book.

Tonight I have soccer practice :-/ Normally I don't dislike soccer at all. Normally, I actually love it by this time. The only problem is our coach isn't a great coach. He's not BAD, and he's really nice, he's just not the best coach in the world. So, I feel like we never really learn much. AND, he doesn't make us run, which might be a good thing, except that it means that I'll just STAY out shape instead of improve. Humph.

Desirae Mayes story: I think I wrote some last night, not much, but some. It's going okay. Still not great, and I doubt it will go anywhere. Still, it's good to be writing SOMETHING again, you know?

No play practice tonight :( None, actually, until Friday! *sob*

Hmm...I think that's all for now, folks. The What Disney Movie is Your Favorite? poll is about to expire, so if you'd like to cast your vote, go for it! So far 18 people have voted, which is an all-time high for me :) Yay and thanks, y'all!

Carpe diem!


GracieTheFirst said...

What was the noise? Did you ever say?

Cavender James said...

It was the voices in her head.


And Kendra, a fail-ish Logic book would make me mad, too. Lucky me, neither Logic teacher I've had used books. One knew the stuff to teach it with NO outside text, and one was taught to read using some kind of "experimental method", so she doesn't read very quickly or spell particularly well.

And I know all that was completely vital for you to know. XD

Kendra Logan said...

Gracie: I didn't say...We never found out.

Cavender: -.- :P

Haha, "experimental method". That sounds interesting XD

Lol, no, it's fine. Long comments are the best.

Channie said...

Hey! Just wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog. You're the first reader I know of who I don't know personally! So, thank you so much, you made my day <3

Kendra Logan said...

Aw, no problem! I know what you mean. When I first got comments from people I didn't know, I was *so* excited!!

Bethany said...

hehe, thanks for mentioning me! :)

Noises! yes, I had an experience somewhat like this---old Grange, metal roof + rain going drip-drip-drip = spookiness, is somebody hammering inside?? Am I alone or not? Aren't old granges supposed to be haunted? True, it it 8 in the morning--perhaps it is an industrious transient? A Magwitch of sorts, trying to hammer off his chains? teehee

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, I love the way you express yourself!
And actually, something like that happened to my older siblings and I when we were kids. Not like it but like it. You get the picture.
We were three kids then, my Mummy pregnant with the fourth - I think. My Dad was resting early in the morning, my Mummy was downstairs, we kids were playing upstairs in the landing/hall/however-you-want-to-call-it, when we suddenly saw a black hand through the window. The thing is the window had its blinds down, so it was like a shadow!
We ALL freaked out and rushed downstairs, screaming, and I was the last one so I was so scared! Mummy wouldn't believe us, but we three had seen it. We ALL had seen it. So what was up? We finally decided it had been Dad playing a trick on us... but Dad had been slumbering all that time. So it still remains a mystery till this day.

Kendra Logan said...

Ooh, freaky! Yeah, we never figured out the "invisible people" either...betcha it was the same guy XD