Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hi!! Okay, so I REALLY don't have long because I'm supposed to be off the computer in five minutes :'( I do have some some things that HAVE to be said, rule or no rule.

Are you ready for this?

CARPE DIEM NOW HAS FIFTY (50) FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, wow, right? Who would have ever guessed??

And who was follower number fifty? Ashley (Liebe)!! Thank you SO MUCH, Ashley!!! WOW!! I'm sorry, I know it's not Award Day, but this is just too huge. Ashley, take this award:

You rock :)
Okay, so, wow, it's Thursday, Character Day, but I waited so long, and I just don't have time tonight :'( I'm so sorry! Today has been really full. I will most definitely post something for Character Day tomorrow along with Question Day. Thanks to Moon Shaw, Gracie, Justagirl4god and some else...? Oh, dear, I can't think of who it is :( Well, thanks to you guys for asking me some questions!

...was good. Busy, but good. I had a horrible night's rest for some reason. I just kept feeling like I wasn't solidly asleep, and that made me worried that I wasn't getting enough sleep...I kept waking up stressed. *sigh* I know, how weird is that? But, remember, this is ME we're talking about. And everything seems worse and more end-of-the-world-ish at night. Have you noticed that?

This morning school went fine. I didn't get a couple of things done, darn, but Daniel (14), Emily (12) and Caleb (10) came over at two to swim in the lake! That's always fun. Daniel and I are a lot alike, so it's just really easy to hang out with him. The lake was really low because of the stupid drought, though, so the nasty bottom floor was exposed. *Eek face* GROSSGROSSGROSS! And the horse flies were plentiful. Daniel had fun whacking them with my noodle while I treaded water forEVER. Lols :)

Oh, and I found out today that he's not even 14 years old. He's still 13 :O Just highly mature. More mature than some 14-year-olds that I know as a matter of fact... :P

Play practice was good tonight, but I wasn't feeling good. I started feeling sick this late-afternoon, and I just felt like crap all during practice. Still, it was fun. We learned choreography to a song, which SHOULD have been quick and easy enough, but the teacher is so artsy and scattered. She drives me crazy. I like her fine as a person, but as a dance teacher, not so much. Her daughter (Mulan), who's usually nice, was having one of THOSE days apparently, so that mother-daughter chemistry was interesting to say the least.

Well, that was my day. I went through it really fast, and I didn't get in the Character Day thing (*sob*), but I'll do it tomorrow.

Tomorrow no one is coming over or anything. *whew* I love lots of people, company, and friends, but my school work is suffering. I really need a work-till-I'm-really-finished day.

Thanks for reading! Y'all just make my day with your comments and voting and stuff! Thanks for being there! Sorry I didn't go into too much detail about the Fiftieth Follower thing :-/ I wanted to do something really huge and special, but I'm already seven minutes past my get-off-the-computer time, so I have to go :( Talk to you later!


Bethany said...

hehe, big day! lol I just got to 30 today.

Daniel sounds like Dallan and me, he's not quite 15 but we get along really well. I think one of the best parts about being homeschooled is that there is a lot less pressure to only hang with people who are *exactly* your own age :)

Ashley said...

:] No problem! My acquaintance/friend Fedelta said in her blogs that she modeled her blogs after yours, so I looked at your blogs and they are really nice. :] Thank you very much for the award!

Elránia said...

Congrats on getting 50 followers! :)


Kendra Logan said...

Bethany: I know!! :D I'm very excited!

Thirty is great!! I'm sure you'll have fifty, too, in no time. You're blog is so cool; I love it. So, anyone who is reading this, GO CHECK OUT BETHANY'S BLOG!! :)

Yeah, you're right. I like having fun with people of all different ages, but if I went to public school, I probably wouldn't.

Ashley: Oh, cool! Yeah, Gracie is pretty awesome :) You're very welcome for the award!

Elrania: Thanks!!

Joraiem said...

Congratulations! 50! WOW!

Cavender James said...

He's probably more mature than some fifteen year-olds you know, too... :3

Anonymous said...

Wow! FIFTY! That is great! :D Congrats.
You have a pond nearby? You guys are lucky! It must be a lot of fun!