Saturday, September 12, 2009

YAYY!! And Awards





:O We won our first soccer game today. :O

More on this after Award Day.
Well, two awards are to be given out today. Who will they go to? Hmm... >:D

JUSTAGIRL4GOD for her flattering interest in "The W Chronicles: Walls"! She gets the Kaelie Kayla Morgan Award for being fun and sparkly just like her! Congratulations, justagirl4god!
The next award belongs to...Drumroll, please.

Illunse for being a fellow language-lover! She gets the Logophile Award! (That's actually "word-lover", but oh well XD)
Congratulations, y'all! :)
So, back to soccer.

Not counting last year's amazing season, that's the sixth game I've won in my whole life. ALRIGHT! I am *SO* happy!! Way to go Josh-from-class (The Nice Guy) for scoring two awesome goals! I kind of missed the other two...don't know how that happened...I was out, asking the principal of the school that I took drivers' ed at about my certificate to get my permit. The one that that guy let expire without telling me? Yeah. That one ;)

The game went pretty well. We could definitely work on teamwork, but hey, we won, right? I got shot in the face pretty good. It didn't hurt exactly; it was just one of those I'll-Be-Fine-As-Soon-As-I-Can-Feel-My-Nose-And-Lips-Again things. I walked off the field and my mom gave me her seat for a second. I just sat there with my eyes closed, waiting to feel something, and I was like, "Was that Zach?" (He's...really good. And a hard kicker. And on my team, yay.) My mom and like three other moms sitting around were like, "Yeah." Lols :-/ I was perfectly fine like two mintues later. It's all good.

WE WON! :) Really, that is exciting, because I thought we were gonna lose every game. Of course, the other two teams we'll be facing...*crosses fingers and looks doubtful of sucess* We shall see.

Play practice was fine this morning. More choreogrpahy, but it was the same dance, so it was pretty much just review. That was good since I had to leave early to go to the soccer game, lol!

No babysitting tonight, hallelujah. (Did I spell that right? I never can.) I found out that Matt and Katie's ("little brother" and "little sister") mom recommended me as a babysitting to another family, so my babysitting might get to be more frequent. We'll see. The kid sounds adorable. He's four. I don't really know who it is yet. I guess I'll find out if they call, lol! At the soccer field, one mom that I know asked me, "So did you get a call about babysitting for that family yet?" I was like, wow, how does she know about that?? I just found out in the car! (And she wasn't the person who recommended me, either.)

Welcome to [insert the name of my tiny town], where everyone knows everything about everyone, sometimes before you do. I honestly love it.

Sorry I'm all over the place today. I know this is a huge and rambling post. Mostly I'm just keeping a record for myself at this point.

My mom is making chicken and dumplings for dinner. They are SOOOO good. She makes the best ones EVER. Wow, I can't wait. And I hate eating, so you know if I'm looking forward to it, it's GOOD.

Well, I guess I'll go now. I need to take a shower. I feel sweaty.

Sorry. You didn't need to know that.

I'm so...hyper. Must be a runner's high. Talk to you guys later!! Vote on the poll!

~Kendra (I am NOT risking this post being deleted by putting my normal signature up. Sorry.)


Cassie said...

hey kendra, this is "cassie roads" see if you can figure it out (because it's so complicated) lol i am sooo jealous, i want chicken and dumplings!!!!!! they are one of my favs. won your soccer game, yay!!!!! :) what did the principle say about your permit? hope it was good knews :) i can barely keep up with school (not really doing that :/), i don't know how you do dance, the play, soccer, and school :O. see you tomorrow CR :)

Kendra Logan said...

Cassie Roads, hmm... ;) I love it.

Haha, yeah, the chicken and dumplings were *so* good, and it gets better: my mom surprised us with APPLE COBBLER!! :O It was sooo good.

It was good news, actually! I don't have to get a certificate from the school after all, I just have to call the Department of Non-public Education and get a paper from them instead. Who knew?

Haha, it's definitely a challenge. I'm a little (maybe a lot...) behind in a couple of subjects, so tomorrow is going to, let's go with "interesting". :)

Thanks for commenting!

Cassie said...

"the chicken and dumplings were *so* good, and it gets better: my mom surprised us with APPLE COBBLER!! :O It was sooo good." you hate me don't j/k :P. good news about your permit :D now you can drive me around ;)"a challenge" is an understatement lol are you going to youth? tomorrow and monday are going to be very interesting lol and it was my pleasure to comment :)

Cavender James said...


Soccer cleats: 37.98

Soccer ball: 26.82

Winning the first game: Priceless.


(I know that was stupid. :P)

justagirl4god said...

Hey Kendra!
Thanks so much! I'm so excited... that's my first blog award! :)
And congrats on the soccer game... hehe, how awesome!
God bless!

Kendra Logan said...

Cavender: Lols, stupid or not, I laughed!

Rachael: You're welcome! It made me feel so good when you were interested in the books!