Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Memory Day and Lil' Miss...POPULAR??

FIRST THINGS FIRST: NEW FOLLOWER!!!!!!!!!!! :O Thanks, Kevin the Awesome for following! :D :D :D Made my day! Well, it was already made (read on), but you made it even further ;)




Memory Day:

The place where my church meets, there is a “huge” dirt hill. At least, it was “huge” when my friends and I were nine years old. I played on that hill with my friends every chance I got. We played on it after church, after Wednesday night Bible study, even after the classes for our homeschool group that met at the the church building. We played slaves on it after church and Bible study, but after homeschool classes, the Hill became a place of war. We homeschool kids had divided ourselves into two teams, and we battled for control over the Hill.

Needless to say, that hunk of dirt and weeds was a big part of our lives.

We loved playing on it. It was the best playground imaginable. We had trails coming off of it, we had carved steps into the back side, there was a hole in the side for treasure, it was a kids paradise.

That’s probably why the news of its planned demolition hit us so hard.

Well, it hit me hard anyway. When I found out the Hill was scheduled to be destroyed and flattened out to make the church yard a prettier-looking place, I was devastated. I asked my dad if he would tell the bulldozer guy not to do it. My dad said that the hill really did need to go; it was ugly and not useful to anyone. I kept pestering him, though. Finally he told me that if I loved the hill so much, I should do something about it myself.

Being, well, ME, I began plotting what to do, and decided that I would make a petition. I grabbed a piece of lined paper before homeschool group one day and labeled it Save The Hill. I went around telling the kids what I was doing, and before long, I had a ton of signatures. I did the same thing at church the next week. By the time I was finished, the paper had almost a hundred signatures. When the guy came to destroy the hill, I showed him the paper, and told him why we wanted the hill to stay. He actually listened to me, a little nine-year-old girl.

I finished explaining and held my breath. He shrugged.


I was speechless. My idea had actually worked! The Dirt Hill is alive today, and still sitting happily behind the church building :)
Well, play practice is just one big YAY after another! I had another one tonight, and it went probably the best yet. Gosh, people are so nice to me, I almost wonder if they want something from me. It's utterly ridiculous! All these popular people are coming up to me and talking to me. I really wonder if there's a catch to their friendship...The kindness is awesome, and I like everyone a lot, but it's crazy!

Things That Happened At Practice:
1. I got a compliment on my hair being so pretty.
2. I got a compliment on my pig tails.
3. I got a compliment on how cute my purse is.
4. I got asked if I had a Facebook by four people.
5. I got invited to someone's Sweet 16.
6. Someone made someone else move so they could sit beside of me.



Did I MISS something??? I don't think I'm really this giant popular-girl magnet! And get this: Mr. Lead Singer Who Plays Shang-the-Captain passes me and goes, "Hi, Kendra!"

*eyes bug*


I hate to get used to this. I love it, probably more than is healthy, LOL, but it can't last, right? I mean...hmm...Any thoughts? I don't want to seem like an ignorant "home-schooler", but does anyone have any advice/guidance/suggestions/theories? Are these people just super awesome and nice, or is something going on?

You know what I think? I think I'm just too darn suspicious of everyone! LOL!

As for the singing, I wasn't sure what I was (alto/soprano), so the music lady made me an alto. Turns out, I usually sing soprano harmony. I CAN sing alto, no problem, I just natually hear the soprano and so it's hard for me not to slide up to that. I'm getting better, though.

Okay, anyway.

Classical went well today. We're getting back to our full selves now. It takes us a little while to get our class chemistry back. Cassidy is getting to see the real us more and more...*evil laugh* Hopefully we won't scare her off :P

Ben (the Dare Devil) got to read something something with a British accent, as he requested. I thought he would totally butcher it, but it was completely authentic-sounding. I was impressed.

We looked at a tape worm and some bacteria under the microscope. The tape worm had eyes. *blinkshudder* Ickkkk. And the bacteria was boring. But we also looked at a Hydra Budding, and that was AWESOME. It seriously just looked like a magenta squid. Very cool.

Well, I guess that's all that's been going on...

Thanks for reading, talk to you later! :D :D :D :D Don't forget, theories on people being so nice are more than welcome :)

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Bethany said...

I liked this post!!!!! idkw, it was just really cool :)
The dirt hill sounds just like what my friends would have done at that age...that's so neat that you were able to have it kept!! At the church where my homeschool group met for about 6 years things have not been so happy. The church was expanding so much that they finally decided to renovate, and put in new parking lots and such.

Well imagine the sorrow when our lovely grassy field [it was about an acre] was graveled over. That field had been the site of many happy memories, playing soccer and tag and races and such. :( Then...hold on. This is going to be a really long post. I'm heading over to my blog with it, now.

re: the play practice, yay! I'm glad it's going well!! Theories, well, I'd say peeps are recognizing how awesome you are :)

Being a suspicious type too, hehe, I couldn't say, as I don't know the people involved. Do they all know each other very well already, if so, that is almost a phenomenon. If it's girls mostly doing it, it's even more of a blue moon. [Girls tend to be insanely clique-y!]

I wouldn't really be the person to ask on this, I'm a homeschooler too and even though I've been in various groups I never was a terribly social person. If you can make one really close friendship there, maybe you could ask them...until that, I'd just figure that you're with a really nice group of people! ;)

Kendra Logan said...

Awesome! Your games sound like tons of fun, too! That's really sad that the church graveled over the field :( I'll be sure to read your full post on this!

It *is* strange! They all know each other *very* well, and it *is* all girls! I'm just like...*blink*...Lol! Maybe they really are just nice, though. They seem pretty real. I dunno, lol...

Gracias for theories and suggestions! I'll do that.

Anonymous said...

Just up the street where I live there is this little circle of trees with houses surrounding it. When I was younger we built a little hideout inside the circle and would spend hours there pretending we were soldiers. We even took all our toy lightsabers up there one day and pretended we were having an epic duel between the Jedi and the Sith. I loved those days. Unfortunately one of the residents complained to the police (bearing in mind I was only 9 or 10 at the time) and said we were being antisocial and taking drugs (I can assure you we weren't).

I'm quite suspicious of people as well. I attribute that to the fact I was bullied quite a lot so I'm not really sure who is being genuinely nice or just sarcastic. I think that in your case everyone really is just being genuinely nice and friendly. I would still be a little weary though, it might turn out to be too good to be true.

Alex said...

Well happy 50th day when you do get the folower.


Kendra Logan said...

Steven: Awesome!! Wow, lots more people than I thought liked to do that stuff when they were "little". Too bad about the annoying neighbors :-/

You're probably right. I have play practice again tonight, so I'll let you know what happens!

Alex: Thanks!! Looks like it's today! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!