Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Facts and Sigs

*jaw drops to desk-level* ... *rubs eyes* ...I *DO* have 54 followers now! :O :O Wow, how did this happen?? Thanks Jaynine, Cassie, and Illunse! Y'all are fantastic! You make my day!!

EDIT: *GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASP* 55??????? Thanks, Calico Zak! Wow!!
Fact! Or...Fiction?

A tooth left in Coca-Cola over night will disolve.

Leave your guess in a comment or email me for an award! First person to get it right gets and award, and everyone who gets it right but not first will get a participation award. No Googling allowed ;)
Well, today was fine. Nothing to report, really. I have dance tonight, though! First class of the year! Same teacher, probably a lot of the same girls. It'll be fun. I do have kind of a lot on my plate, though. Soccer practices, soccer games, play practices, dance classes, school work getting significantly challenging...*moangroansigh*

Anyway, I started ANOTHER story inspired by soccer the other day, but I do not even plan to continue it, so I probably won't talk about it much. It's just a random scribbling (er, typing...).

I was very bored, and didn't have anything real to say today, so I made more signatures for no reason XD I made them for the main characters of "The W Chronicles".

The main character in "Woods" is Tyler Gifford (she's a girl, by the way), a bad-tempered freshman who has forgotten the joy of being a child.

The main character in "Waters" is Linder Asp, a shy half-elf lady-in-waiting for the Elven queen who wants to prove her human mother's innocence in a murder case.

The main character in "Walls" is Landon, an smart, sixteen-year-old orphan boy who works for the Leader. (This story is set in the future. It will portray how I think America will be in a hundred years or so.)

Also, there's Kaelie Kayla Morgan, Landon's clever and quirky fourteen-year-old sister.

The main character in "Ways" is Princess Kristalia Calvinson (Krista), a troubled thirteen-year-old princess whose strong family ties and sense of duty give her strength and courage.

During the story, Krista has to give up her identity as a princess and go "undercover". Then she can really be her own person. Because she's so different during this time, I made a seperate signature for just plain Krista.

The main character in "Wars" is Vega the Assasin Girl, proud and capable. (Yes, I decided against the majority. Vega is such a cool name [I loved Kieran, too, though] and it goes with the meaning of her brothers' names as well.) Despite the fact that I've talked about Vega the most and I have some of her story written, I don't know much about her yet. I'm still figuring it out. Here's her signature, though:

Her almost-thirteen-year-old brother, Levant, is also a big character, to give the series another boy :) He's wild, easy-going and extremely likable. He's also a pick-pocket.

So, yeah. That's what I did for like forty-five minutes XD Thanks for reading, you guys! WOOT! Over 'n' out,

P.S. *another jaw drop* TWENTY PEOPLE VOTED IN THE POLL! YAAAAAAAAAY FOR MAJOR RECORD-BREAKING!! Apparently, "Beauty and the Beast" is the most popular Disney movie among Carpe Diem readers. Runner ups were:

Mulan: 11
Aladin: 9
Cinderella: 7
Toy Story: 6
Sleeping Beauty: 4
Hercules: 3
Snow White/Can't decide: 2

Over all, I totally am in agreement with the outcome. My top three favorites came out as the over all top three, and my least favorite, Snow White, came in last place. I'm just surprised that Sleeping Beauty beat Hercules... ;)


GracieTheFirst said...

True? :)

Cavender James said...


Thank you, Mythbusters!

Kendra Logan said...

Thanks, y'all! As usual, I'll post the answer tomorrow.

rickee said...

great and interesting..thanks for sharing

justagirl4god said...

That's false. :) or rather, fiction.
And that's rather exciting about your followers... Congrats! Wanna send some over to my blog? I'd love to have them... haha!
Dance is awesome... I agree with your moaning and groaning... lol.
:) Those character schetches were awesome! I can't wait to hear more about thier story... The one that I feel most drawn to is Kaelie Kayla Morgan... her name is awesome, and I'd love to be an annoying little sister... haha, I'm just a big sister though... :) and yeah, I do love it, but I think older siblings are awesome!
Anyways, I have to go... I'm in the library and Dad is going to be here in about 5minutes to pick me up... Soooo...
Ciao for now!
PS. I <3 Beauty and the Beast!

Kendra Logan said...

Rickee: Thanks so much!

justagirl4god/Rachael: *whispers* You're right ;)

Haha, sure! Maybe I'll award you this Saturday and put the link back to your blog!

Dance = yay :D

Thanks about the character sketches! I'll post stuff about them once in a while. I like Kaelie, too! I changed her story a lot since the beginning. Originally, it was going to be set in medieval times, and her name was Kyrie. She and her brother (who was named Lash) discover and evil magician or something. Kyrie/Kaelie was going to be the main character. Then I realized that the series had pretty much NO guy characters at all, and I changed it to being Lash/Landon. A lot of the stories are also set in more typical fantasy, medieval times as well. I thought making the story take place in the future would give the series more variety.

We're in the same boat being the older-sister-wish-I-could-be-a-younger-one, lol! I love writing stories with younger sisters just because I think it would be fun to be one. But, you're right; we as older siblings ROCK, too :D

Lol, WOW, that was really long! You probably did not want to know all that XD

Beauty and the Beast! WOOT! Thanks for commenting!

justagirl4god said...

:) Hey Kendra!
Thanks for your reply to my comment... hehe, it was long, hey?
What kind of dancing do you do? I guess if I read more of your blog I would know... but... ;)
And hey, I liked hearing more about Kaelie's story... :) and your big-sister-ness... lol

Kendra Logan said...

Haha, no problem! I do tap, ballet, and jazz (but it's sometimes more like hip-hop). When I think of more detail about Kaelie's story, I'll be sure to post it on the blog!